6 Legal Exotic Pets in Georgia, United States

If you live in the US state of Georgia, you may wonder if the exotic animal you dream to have as a pet is legal in The Goober State. Georgia only allows a few exotic animals to be kept as pets without a license or a special permit. With that in mind, below is the list of six exotic animals that are legal to keep as pets in the state of Georgia.

1. European Ferrets

a polecat

You can keep a European ferret as a pet in the state of Georgia. However, you must neuter your pet ferret by seven months old and vaccinate it against rabies. There are three species of ferrets in Europe: The European polecat, the Steppe or Siberian polecat, and the black-footed ferret. Polecats are believed to be the sole ancestors of domestic ferrets. While both belong to the weasel family, the Polecat tends to be bigger than the domestic ferret. The average lifespan of polecats in human care is 14 years and probably five years in the wild. As pets, polecats are more closely related to dogs, than to cats, despite their name.

2. Hamsters

A pet Hamster

Georgia is one of many US states that allowed Hamsters to be kept as pets without a permit or license. In fact, Hamsters are one of the popular small animals kept as pets in the United States. And for many hamster owners in the US, these small rodents make excellent pets. Hamsters are cute and cuddly and don't require a lot of attention. In addition, they are not expensive to care for and can make excellent house pets for families with children.

The average life expectancy of a pet Hamster is from two to three years. The oldest Hamster ever on record lived to be 4.5 years old. There are several species of Hamsters but only five are commonly kept as pets, including the Roborovski dwarf hamster, Campbell's dwarf hamster, Golden hamster, Winter white dwarf hamster, and Chinese Hamster. In the US, Hamsters cost anywhere from $5 to $50.

3. Gerbils

A pet Gerbil

If you are looking for a small exotic animal with a long lifespan to keep as a pet in Georgia, a Gerbil is the one for you. Unlike Hamsters, Gerbils can live up to seven years in human care. The oldest pet Gerbil ever on record lived to be eight years and four months old in human care. It was a Mongolian gerbil called Sahara that died on October 4, 1981, in  Michigan, USA. Though there are a few species of gerbils, the Mongolian gerbil is the one that is commonly kept as a pet. However, regardless of species, Gerbils make excellent pets for children. In addition, they are easy to care for and are a source of endless entertainment and fun for many owners. Acquiring a Gerbil in Georgia could cost you from $10 to $100.

4. Guinea Pigs

Two Guinea Pigs

As a species of rodent belonging to the genus Cavia, Guinea pigs are one of the most common exotic small animals kept as pets in many US states, including Georgia. However, Guinea pigs require careful handling and can be nervous or skittish at first, but typically become tame very easily. On average, a pet Guinea pig can live up to eight years. The oldest Guinea pig ever on record lived to be almost fifteen years. On average, acquiring a guinea pig from a breeder in the US could cost you around $25 to $50.

5. Llamas

A Llama

Being a domesticated South American camelid, the Llama is the first and foremost pet and companion thanks to its predictable low-key temperament, intelligence, and ease of maintenance. In fact, Llamas are increasingly becoming popular as pets in many United States, including Georgia, due to their mild manners, cleanliness, and friendly dispositions. The average lifespan of a Llama is 15 years. However, a Llama can live up to twenty years if it is well cared for. Acquiring a Llama from a reputable breeder in the US can cost you around $500 to $5000.

6. Sugar Gliders

A pet Sugar glider

Sugar gliders are allowed as pets in many US states including Georgia. Being tiny marsupials native to Australia, Sugar gliders have gained recent popularity as pets in the United States. Sugar gliders in their natural habitat live in groups and enjoy grooming and interacting with each other. Furthermore, Sugar gliders are low-maintenance companion pets that thrive on love and attention. However, a pet Sugar glider is probably not the right choice for you if you don't have plenty of tender loving care to give it. Sugar gliders live up to fifteen years in human care. Acquiring a baby Sugar glider in the US can cost you around $200 to $500.


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