Pennsylvania Woman Fatally Mauled By Neighbor's Dogs She Had Gone Over To Feed

A Pennsylvania mother was mauled to death by two of her neighbor's dogs she had gone over to feed while the dog's owner was away, according to authorities. Perry County authorities said the 38-year-old woman, Kristin Potter, tragically died Thursday evening after she was attacked by her neighbor's two Great Danes in New Bloomfield, the county seat of Perry County, Pennsylvania.

Kristin Potter Fatally Mauled By Neighbor's Dogs

Robert Ressler, Perry County Coroner, said the victim's young son was with her when the incident occurred but the boy ran for help. Ressler told WGAL-TV that the victim's son was present at the scene and ran across the road to have his brother call 911 as soon as he saw the dogs starting to attack his mother.

Unfortunately, police officers weren't able to reach the victim until the arrival of animal control personnel, who swiftly tranquilized the canines.

Responding officers told a relative of the victim the two Great Danes may have been fighting each other and turned on the woman when she attempted to separate the fight.

The two Great Danes were subsequently transported to a veterinarian and put down. There was a third dog present but according to officials, it didn't take part in the attack.

It is unclear whether the victim had gone over to give food to her neighbor's dogs before or if this was her first time. The case is still under investigation.

Kristen Potter left behind her husband and two sons. A GOFUNDME page was created to support her children and as of the time of this writing, $14,450 has been of the $20,000 goal.

Kristin Potter GOFUNDME

According to recent pet statistics, over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year. Each year, up to fifty Americans are killed by dogs. In 2022, forty-one people died from dog attacks in the U.S.


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