Charming Pippa, Crystal, and Estrella are The Sweetest Cats You’ll Ever Meet


Meet Pippa, Crystal, and Estrella, three adorable female Los Angeles adoptable cats who have an incredible need for loving adopters. These sweet felines are available through remote adoptions in foster homes.


Pippa the Los Angeles adoptable cat

Pippa will certainly charm you with her easygoing, friendly, smart, playful, and affectionate personality, not to mention her beautiful yellow-green eyes. As a Domestic Short Hair, she is quite a talkative feline that loves attention, snacks and cuddling with you on the couch. As the definition of a lap cat, Pippa will certainly make an excellent constant companion for anyone looking for a cuddly feline. Furthermore, Pippa, who may do well in a home with another friendly and calm cat, needs lots of attention and love from her prospective owners and will meow if left out of the room they are in. In other words, Pippa wants to be right where the action is! You may check out Pippa's profile if she sounds like the perfect lap cat.


Crystal the cat

With Crystal by your side, your future is crystal clear. Crystal is a talkative Domestic Short Hair feline that enjoys hanging out with her people. She is one playful kitty but can be shy in new environments. Crystal loves playing with tennis balls around the house. Most of all, she loves sleeping on her people's bed at night and waking them up in the morning by gently pressing her nose to their faces! Check out Crystal's profile if you can see her in your future.


Estrella the cat

Cute and curious Estrella is a feline who loves meeting new people and does well around everyone, including young children. As a vocal kitty, Estrella loves expressing herself through her meows! As a curious feline, Estrella would do best in a home with lots of areas to explore. Furthermore, Estrella, a Domestic Short Hair, is very playful and loves perching by various windows to watch the world go by. However, she is a cat that hates the company of other animals. As such, Estrella would love to be the only pet in the home as the queen of her castle. Check out Estrella's profile if she is the superstar kitty for you


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