Texas Man Caught on Camera Dumping Helpless Dog on Roadside and Driving Away


Authorities in Dallas, Texas, are searching for a pet owner who was caught on camera dumping a helpless pooch on the side of Dowdy Ferry Road in Southern Dallas, a road that is popular for animal and trash dumping.

Man Caught on Camera Dumping Helpless Dog in Dallas

Footage obtained by WFAA showed a man getting out and opening the back tailgate of his white Chevrolet SUV and letting a German Shepherd dog out around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The pet owner then hops back into the vehicle and begins to speed away. The helpless pup, who looks confused, starts chasing after its owner and almost gets hit by another vehicle.

Texas Man Caught on Camera Dumping Helpless Dog

Jeremy Boss, President of the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission told WFAA it was an intentional dump and the pet owner didn't want to be caught. He made it clear that he did not want that dog, Boss said. There are hidden cameras installed along the area with the purpose of catching trash and animal dumpers.

German Shepherd dog abandoned in Texas

Fortunately, neighbors who saw the dog being dumped took it in until Dallas Animal Services arrived late Wednesday night. WFAA reported that the adorable German Shepherd had a minor injury on its leg, but was in good health.

Dallas Police seek the public’s help in locating the man in the video. Anyone with information about the suspect's identity should contact the Dallas Police Animal Cruelty Division at 469-504-3394.


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