22 Heartwarming Before And After Adoption Pictures Of Dogs

We are all ecstatic fans of amazing transformation stories. Whether it’s a drunkard who has quitted drinking, thereby turning their life around, or a sick person who's gotten their health back, we can’t help but celebrate with people whose lives have changed from worst to better. The same thing goes for our animal friends, including dogs. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the most heartwarming transformation photos of dogs, which prove that rescuing a pet is life-changing.

1. Tamale’s transformation

Tamale the dog’s transformation

2. Tierschutzhund Beppo

Tierschutzhund Beppo dog

3. Iris' transformation in 7 months

Iris the dog' transformation in 7 months

The picture on the left shows the first day Iris the dog arrived at her forever home. The one on the right shows her doing great and thriving after seven months.

4. Frankie The Rescue Dog

Frankie The Rescue Dog

A kind woman named Abby found this female dog roaming around a neighborhood and posted her for free to try to get her some help. Worried about someone mistreating the canine, Abby offered to foster the dog and tried to find her the right family. A week later, a retired couple showed interest in adopting the dog. When the dog met them, it was love at first sight. The couple adopted the dog and named her Frankie.

5. Before And After Rescue

A dog Before And After Rescue

6. Meximutt Luna

Meximutt Luna The rescued dog

This adorable pup was brought to Compassion Without Borders, an animal shelter in Mexico, covered in severe burns. A couple of weeks later, she has completely healed thanks to the hard work of the shelter's medical team.

7. What a little love can do!

Rescued dog before and after

8. Aspen The Rescue Pup

Aspen The Rescue Pup

9. Peggy

Peggy the dog's transformation

10. Eva, rescued as a puppy in 2017

Eva, rescued as a puppy

11. Lil Babe The Rescue Pup

Lil Babe The Rescue Pup

12. From a Street Life To a Sweet Home!

Dog From Street Life to Sweet Home!

13. Chancey The Rescue Dog

Chancey The Rescue dog

14. Grace The Rescue Dog

Grace The Rescue Dog

15. Before and After Rescue!

Before and After Rescue Dog

16. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the many volunteers who helped me along my journey!

Before and after adoption dog

17. Two puppies rescued from the trash

Two puppies rescued from the trash

18. Sweet Ginger Rescued From The Street

Sweet Ginger Rescued From The Street

19. Odin The Rescue Malamute

Odin The Rescue Malamute

20. Three Months After Getting Adopted!

A dog, Three Months After Getting Adopted

21. What rescue means to a dog

What rescue means to a dog

These before and after pictures of Lucy were taken the same day. She spent the night prior outside without shelter during a storm. The owner refused to release her to a rescue. However, after being offered $150, she accepted.

22. Before and After Adoption!

A dog, Before and After Adoption

As opposed to purchasing a dog from a dog store or breeder, which is more expensive and partly the cause of dog overpopulation, rescuing, on the other hand, means you're adopting a dog in need and saving a life literally. Moreover, adopting a dog also opens up a spot at that shelter for a new dog to be saved. In the United States, approximately 4.1 million dogs and cats are adopted from shelters every year, which is awesome, per The American Humane Society. However, at the same time, about 6.3 million domestic animals enter US shelters annually.

If you are considering a specific breed of dog, it might seem tempting to go and buy it from a breeder. But it’s important to remember that you can still find the breed you love among the many dogs that are just waiting in shelters, hoping to be rescued. For instance, there are some breed-specific shelters that house Dobermans or Australian Shepherds around the country. According to World Animal Foundation, the most common dog breeds that find their way into shelters more than any other dogs, include German shepherds, Pit Bulls, Dachshunds, Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, and Chihuahuas.

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