Coyote Spotted Taking Casual Morning Stroll Through Queens, New York


A coyote was caught on camera taking a casual morning stroll through the Glen Oaks neighborhood around 7 a.m., footage shared by the NYPD shows.

Coyote Taking Casual Morning Stroll Through Queens, New York

In the short video, the coyote is seen walking calmly on the sidewalk along 81st Street with its head forward and ears lowered. NYPD said the canine was also caught lurking around several backyards in Queens. One resident even took a snapshot of the animal striking a pose at the camera.

Coyote Lurking Around Backyards in Queens, New York

Eventually, a volunteer wildlife rescuer crossed paths with the canine while driving through the neighborhood. She helped police capture the coyote, which was subsequently transported to an animal rehabilitation center in Smithtown, Long Island.


The coyote was reported to be safe and in good condition.

In January this year, a coyote was caught on camera chilling on the roof of a parked car in an Arizona neighborhood.


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