A Rottweiler Dog's Warning Saves Owner From Highly Venomous Snake


A Rottweiler is being praised in South Africa for protecting its owner from a deadly black mamba snake slithering under the couch in their house.

The unnamed owner, living in Queensburgh, a town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, became concerned last week when his loyal friend suddenly started pushing him away from the couch that he used to sit on every afternoon, according to Nick Evans, a snake rescuer and conservationist.

A Rottweiler

For two days, the dog kept pushing its owner away and barking at the back of the couch until the owner decided to move the couch. When he did, there was a Black Mamba! The dog tried to attack the snake but was intercepted and taken outside by the owner.

a Black mamba snake hiding under the couch

After he was contacted, Evans responded to the scene and captured the snake. He subsequently took to Facebook to describe the 7.2-foot highly venomous snake as a “quick and easy catch.”

According to National Geographic, black mambas are Africa's longest venomous snake. A bite from a black mamba was virtually always fatal, typically within twenty minutes. 

Evans praised the dog’s protective instincts as “amazing” and concluded the post by warning other dog owners to never let their canines out to kill a snake for them. "It often ends badly for the dog too," he said.


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