Man's New Puppy Bit Him and Laughed — Turns Out It’s a Hyena


A man posted a video on social media explaining how he bought a puppy from an American Bully breeder and soon found out it is actually a hyena. In the video, which has gone viral with more than three million views, the man says he was scammed online over a “puppy” he alleges is a hyena.

hyena-like dog

The man, who goes by the username @infared_savage on TikTok, says he saw a Bully breeder's advert online looking to sell an American Bully puppy and he immediately fell in love with photos of the dog’s parents. Eager to purchase a dog, the man says he put down a deposit to secure the adorable pup.

When he finally met his new puppy, the man noticed something odd about the dog and asked the breeder if he clipped the ears or something. Furthermore, the man says the animal looked like a wombat, which made him ask the breeder if he was sure it is a dog. The breeder reportedly played coy, claiming it was an American Bully, and then proceeded to show the puppy's parents, who showed no similarity to their alleged baby. The buyer says he was looking at the parents and looking at his puppy.

Nevertheless, the buyer tries to convince himself that when his puppy grows up, it’s going to look like the two dogs he was shown were its parents. The new dog owner then decided to name his new best friend Nina and said: "Come here, Nina." However, the buyer says "that damn dog" looked at him and laughed.

hyena-like dog

He says he was afraid, wondering "what the f -- k is he laughing for." The man says the animal was laughing "humanly." The viral video shows the man mimicking the puppy’s laugh, which sounds similar to a hyena. Determined to complete the sale, the breed dismissed the buyer’s concern saying "it’s a Bully" and it “will get over that phase.”

hyena-like dog

The buyer says the animal gave one big laugh and bit him hard on his leg. "Hard as hell, bro,” says the man, adding that he didn’t know dogs had crack babies. In the video, the buyer does not disclose if he left the “crack baby dog” with the breeder.

To us, spotted hyenas' vocalizations might sound like laughing, but they aren't actually laughing. According to Wonderopolis, what we perceive as a hyena's "laughter" is a form of communication used to convey frustration, excitement, or fear.


I just found out my bully is a hyena 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂

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