Dog Gets Angry After Being Scammed By Owner

A dog owner almost turned his best friend into his worst enemy after trying to cheat the animal during lunch time.

Angry dog

In a viral YouTube clip shared by Viral Hog, a Montana-based video licensing agency, the dog is seen sitting at a table on which there are two packages of hamburgers, one for the owner and the other for the dog. Everywhere is calm when the owner opens his package. But when the dog's package gets opened, everywhere becomes noisy.

The 10-second clip shows the canine growling aggressively after discovering how small his hamburger is compared to his owner's. Evidently, the dog feels cheated and looks like he is about to throw punches. But it is unclear whether the dog ended up eating the bigger hamburger.

The video, titled "This is an Injustice," has so far been viewed more than 120 million times.

According to a commenter, the canine is like: "After all these years, protecting your home, playing with your spoiled kids, interrupting my beauty sleep and this is how you repay me?" Another person writes that the "dog knows he just got scammed and ain't too thrilled about it."

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