20 Uplifting Before and After Photos of Rescued Cats

If you are thinking of adopting a cat from an animal shelter, then you are on your way to becoming a contributor to amazing animal transformation stories. Moreover, adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter means you are saving the life of an abandoned, neglected, abused, or homeless feline at risk of being euthanized at that shelter. At the same time, you are creating a spot at that shelter for a new cat to be saved. Below, I've gathered some of the most heartwarming transformation pictures of adopted cats, just like these heartwarming before and after adoption photos of dogs, to remind you why you should adopt, not shop. Here are some amazing very sad kitties who now live a blessed, wonderful, healthy, and happy life. ⁣

1. Bobby Wobbles' transformation

Bobby Wobbles the cat before and after

2. Scragglebob Before and After Adoption

Scragglebob the cat

3. Amazing transformation!

A Ragdoll before and after

4. Lady Lilly Before and After Adoption

Lilly the cat

5. A cat's transformation in 4 months

cat's transformation in 4 months

6. Jenny before and after rescue!

Jenny the cat

7. What a beautiful girl she turned out to be!

A cat before and after rescue

8. Hamilton before and after rescue!

Hamilton the cat

9. After being rescued from the street!

a cat's transformation after being rescued from the street

10. Dime before and after rescue

Dime the cat

10. Sibos before and after rescue!

Sibos the cat

11. Martin before and after rescue!

Martin the cat

Martin was rescued in 2020 at around 8 weeks old with an eye infection in Clawson, Michigan. He is now living his best life at his forever home with amazing people!

12. Charlotte's transformation in a year after being rescued

Charlotte the rescue cat

According to Charlotte's owners, the feline was found malnourished, wet, covered in ants and hiding in a bush. After being rescued and adopted, Charlotte turns out to be the source of pure joy for her owners, greeting them at the door when they get home, cuddling them when they wake up in the morning, and meowing whenever they talk to her. Her owners say she’s the most vocal cat they've known. Furthermore, Charlotte loves following her owners around the house and can do tricks like "sit/ stay/ up."

13. Adia before and after adoption!

Adia the cat

14. Bella the Mungcat

Bella the Mungcat

15. Custard the cat

Custard the cat

16. From prison to their sweet forever home!

Two orange cat

17. New York City stray cat before and after rescue!

stray cat before and after rescue

18. Incredible transformation!

A cat's Amazing transformation

19. Penny the cat

Penny the cat

20. Grubbs the rescue cat

Grubbs the rescue cat

According to ASPCA, about 3.2 million cats enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Per ASPCA's statistics, about 2.1 million cats are adopted each year in the US and approximately 530,000 cats are euthanized in shelters each year. About 100,000 cats who enter shelters as strays are reunited with their owners. So, if you’re planning on welcoming a feline friend to your home, consider adopting from one of the many animal shelters in your area, full of cats of different breeds.

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