Guilty! 30 Hilarious Photos of Dogs Caught in the Act


The dogs listed in this article do not need to stand trial because judging by the funny pictures below, they are guilty as charged. These hilarious photos of dogs caught in the act stealing food, pooping in the corner, and destroying toys are a classic Internet case of "shock and aww." The moment you catch your pup in the middle of whatever it was told not to do, its head goes down, its ears go back, and its eyes get all sorts of sad. As a dog owner, it’s difficult to get mad at those sad eyes. However, as the judge and jury, it is your duty to uphold the standard of Internet law and sentence these guilty canines to life in your memory.

1. Caught in the act, playing with food

A Dog Caught in act playing with food

2. Mon caught me in the act. Waiting for dad to come home and save me

Dog caught chewing on shows

3. Caught red-handed!

Dog caught destroying a pillow

4. Are you saying this is not my bed?

Dog Caught sleeping on its owner's bed

5. Ziggy is caught red-handed

Dog caught eating its owner's biscuit

6. Caught red-handed sneaking into the pantry and attempting to pull goodies out

Dog caught trying to steal food

7. Guilty as hell!

Dog caught playing with a shoe

Odda the wire fox terrier may keep a sweet and innocent face but she was just caught playing with an old shoe, swinging it by its laces around the dining room.

7. Bear the husky is caught red-handed

Dog caught in the act

8. Caught in the act!

Dog caught damaging a pillow

9. Indie the Pomeranian is caught in the act

dog licking inside of a plate

10. This Chihuahua dog is caught eating its Chihuahua book!

Dog caught eating a book

11. What do you think this dog is trying to get off the counter?

A funny Dog

12. Caught “mud-handed”

Dog caught eating mud

13. This dog is caught taking an apron out to the garden

dog caught in the act

14. Caught with a bra!

Dog caught with a bra

15. Guilty!

A guilty dog

16. It wasn't me!

Dog caught messing things up in the living room

17. You need to go shopping Mummy

Dog caught trying to steal food from the fridge

18. I have a treat addiction problem

Dog caught trying to steal treat

19. Caught in the act!

Dog caught in the act

20. Sunny the beagle's face when he is caught stealing snacks from the pantry

Sunny the beagle

21. Oh no, I got caught!

Dog caught in the act chewing on a shoe

22. I stole a sad cantaloupe

dog stole a cantaloupe

23. Ted the dog is trying to show who is boss

Ted the dog

Ted the dog ripped the bean bag apart after trying to pull it out of its hiding spot. Its owners jammed it in there when they aren't home so Ted wouldn't get carried away.

24. Who made this mess?

4 dogs caught messing things up in their home

25. Loki the Siberian Husky is in trouble!

Dog caught with bread in its mouth

26. Caught in the act!

Netty the dog

27. Sorry, mom

A dog caught in the act

28. Danny the dog's face when he knows he shouldn’t be climbing on the hook rug his owner is seaming

Danny the dog

28. Luca's face when it gets caught nibbling the coffee table

dog's funny face

30. Caught with a Lint roller in its mouth!

Dog caught chewing on a Lint roller


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