Can You Own a Pet Pig in Illinois?

Are pigs allowed to be kept as pets in the State of Illinois? The simple answer to this simple question is it depends. While Illinois does not have a state-level ordinance regarding the ownership of pet pigs, many townships and villages in Illinois do have their own local laws. So whether pet pigs are allowed depends on where in The Prairie State you reside or are moving into. If you are struggling to determine whether it is legal to keep a pig as a pet within city limits in Illinois, I’m hoping this article might be able to point you in the right direction. Below are pet pig ownership laws in some Illinois cities and villages.

A Pet Pig


According to Chicago Tribune, people can legally own pet pigs in the city of Chicago. However, according to my research, it is illegal to own pigs in some suburbs of Chicago. For example, in the village of South Chicago Heights, a suburb of Chicago, it is unlawful to keep or raise any pigs. The same law is in place in another suburb of Chicago, Chicago Heights. So, before moving to Chicago with your pet pig, it is important to check local animal ordinances in specific townships or villages to ensure it is allowed before you move in.

In 2021, a Chicago suburban family won a bid to keep their pet pig named Cotton after a neighbor's complaint. The family, who live in the village of Morton Grove, were allowed to keep their pet pig after the village agreed to make an exception. According to the pet owners, they have lovingly cared for Cotton the pip for more than six years, Chicago5 news reported at the time.

Plainfield, IL

In Plainfield, a village in Will and Kendall counties, Illinois, you can keep a pig as a pet. However, you are not allowed to keep more than one miniature pig over the age of four months in Plainfield, IL. In addition, all miniature pigs in Plainfield must be neutered or spayed and pet owners need to obtain a certificate from a veterinarian showing such a fact. Needless to say, Plainfield is one of the most pig-friendly places in Illinois.

Pet Pig Ownership Ordinances in Other Illinois Cities

In the Cook County city of Des Plaines, it is illegal to keep pigs as pets. It is illegal and a public nuisance to keep a pig in Wood Dale, a city in DuPage County, Illinois. You are allowed to keep two Vietnamese potbellied pigs in Antioch, Lake County, Illinois. It is unlawful to raise pigs within the city limits of Geneva, the county seat of Kane County, Illinois.

In conclusion, whether or not you are allowed to keep a pig as a pet in Illinois will depend on the city or village in which you live or are moving into. All you need to do is contact your local authorities before welcoming a pet pig into your home.

Pig Breeds That Make Great Pets

The trend of keeping a pig as a pet is growing in the United States with up to one million pet pigs estimated to be in US households. Just so you know, not all breeds of pigs do well as companion animals. The top ten pig breeds that make the best pets include the Vietnamese Potbellied, Kunekune, Juliana, Hereford, Meishan, Tamworth, African Pygmy, Mulefoot, Ossabaw, and Yucatan. Of those, the Kunekune, Juliana and Pot-bellied pig are the most popular pig breeds that are kept as pets in the US. If well taken care of, pet pigs can live up to 20 years. The oldest pet pig on record, Baby Jane, lived to be almost 24 years old. Baby Jane passed away in September 2021 in Mundelein, a village in Lake County, Illinois.


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