Woman Grieving The Loss of Her Dog Asks For a Sign, Then One Shows Up At Her Door


Mourning the loss of a beloved pet can be similar to grieving a family member, given that many pet owners consider their pets as members of the family. Some pet owners, after losing a pet, feel deeply lonely, which is the case for a woman who's heartbroken after her beloved dog sadly passed away after a long illness.

A dog and its owner

After her dog Guada's passing, Florencia Abraham was left with a broken heart that only time could heal. That is until a surprise guest paid her a magical visit. Florencia is from Argentina, where many people believe that the souls of loved ones can take on a new form, according to local traditions.

This was on the mind of grieving Florencia when a hummingbird embodied the spirit of her dog and appeared at her doorstep.

Florencia recently shared a heartwarming clip that shows the moment a hummingbird shows up at her doorstep one evening in the wake of her dog’s death. Florencia, who understood the mystical significance, held out her hand, greeting the bird with a strong belief that it was actually Guada visiting.

What happens next is incredible! The video shows the hummingbird landing on Florencia's head and accepting her gentle pets while seemingly regarding her with uncanny familiarity.

A hummingbird lands on a woman's head

Florencia says she started crying, not knowing what was going to happen. It was as if the bird purposely visited her to bring her comfort in her distress, as her dog had always done.

The bird eventually flew away but Florencia says she found peace through the mystical-seeming encounter. She says she asked her deceased dog for a sign and knew it was her visiting.

@florabraham Salgo extremadamente fea en este video pero no me importa poruque es mi mejor recuerdo ❤️‍🩹 Gracias guadita por volver a encontrarme💫 #colibrí #fyp #perro ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Sergy el Som

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