Can You Own a Pet Pig in California?

As a pet lover living in California or moving to California, you might be struggling to determine whether pigs are allowed to be kept as pets in The Golden State. Well, there is no one simple answer to this question, as pet ownership laws vary from county to county. In other words, whether or not is legal to keep a pig as a pet depends on the California city in which you live.

In the city of San Jacinto, for example, miniature pigs are legal to keep as pets within areas zoned for residential use. However, you may keep no more than one miniature pig and the breeding of miniature pigs in residential areas is not allowed in San Jacinto. So, in this article, I'm going to list some California cities where it is legal to keep pigs as pets.

A Pet Pig

California cities that allow pet pigs

Los Angeles residents may apply for a license to own one or more miniature pigs as pets. All miniature pigs in LA must be spayed or neutered. The city of Santa Clarita permits Potbellied pigs on lots greater than one acre. The town of Apple Valley allows one potbellied pig, which must be spayed or neutered. In San Diego, you can own up to two potbellied pigs. It is legal to own a pet potbellied pig in the city of La Mesa.

The city of Burbank allows only one pet pig per household. Additionally, your pet pig must not weigh more than 100 pounds. You can own two miniature pigs if you live in the city of Modesto. To keep a pet miniature pot-bellied pig in a single-family zone in the city of West Covina, you first need to obtain a permit. In addition, no more than one pig is allowed per single-family residential lot and the weight of your pig must not exceed one hundred twenty pounds in West Covina.

The city of Benecia allows its residents to own a pet pig with no weight limit. According to a source, 36 Los Angeles County cities allow pigs while 25 cities prohibit them. The Riverside County city of Murrieta allows its residents to keep up to four miniature pigs. In the city of Yucaipa, San Bernardino County, California, you can keep pot-bellied pigs as pets if your property meets the required size. Furthermore, Potbellied pigs are legal in the city of Sacramento but they must be licensed, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. In Clovis, California, registered potbellied pigs are allowed. The city of Bakersfield permits its residents to keep Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs as pets. Pigs are legal in San Francisco.

California cities that prohibit pet pigs

It is illegal to own pigs without a permit in San José, California. The city of Ventura does not allow large pigs. In Stockton, California, pigs are not allowed. You need a Confined Animal Permit to own a potbellied pig in San Mateo. According to my research, virtually half of California cities do not allow pet pigs. Other California cities allow pigs so long as they are not used as farm animals.

So, before purchasing a pig in California, or if you are moving to California with your pet pig, it is important to check specific local animal ordinances to know if it is permitted.

In California, most Mini Pig breeders will charge around $750-$1,600 for their mini pigs. Like any other pets, miniature pigs require a serious commitment with a responsive and loving owner. A mini pig can live for up to twenty years if well cared for. However, overfeeding your pet pig can lead to obesity and ensuing health problems. 

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