10 Fascinating Books for Dog Enthusiasts of All Ages


From books about dogs and their humans to books with dogs as main characters, there are so many books in which a dog-loving reader could spend years engrossed. All dog books are good dog books, just like Courtney Peppernell's book titled, "All Dogs Are Good." Nevertheless, some dog books stand out. Here are my top ten dog books you won’t want to miss and some worth trying. This list is bound to omit someone’s favorite, considering how short it is.

1. "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron

"A Dog's Purpose," book by W. Bruce Cameron

This amazing novel by W. Bruce Cameron, who believes that every dog happens for a reason, contains a heartfelt story for all dog lovers! "A Dog's Purpose," tells the soulful, heartwarming, insightful, and surprising story of one devoted dog who discovers the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to smile and love. The lessons you will learn from this book are that love never dies and that our true friends are always with us. However, you should get ready to laugh-out-loud and cry when you pick up this book, which contains an emotional and hilarious story of a dog's many lives.

2. "A Big Little Life" by Dean Koontz

A Big Little Life, a book by Dean Koontz

"A Big Little Life" is a memoir written by California author Dean Koontz for his beloved and joyful Golden Retriever named Trixie. Dean and his wife, Gerda, welcomed Trixie into their home at the age of three as a retired service dog. Trixie's keen intelligence, innate joy, and uncanny knack for living in the moment inspired Dean and his wife to trust their instincts and recapture a sense of wonder that will remain with them forever. Trixie had been forced to retire in her third year of service due to elbow issues. However, for Trixie, for the Koontzes, and for all of us who are now privileged to read "A Big Little Life," it was the happiest forced retirement imaginable

In this book, Dean transforms his ordinary daily life with Trixie into a funny, moving, and heartfelt story. For Koontz, Trixie was the hand of God. All dogs are special to their owners However, there was undoubtedly something extra special about Trixie. According to Dean, "The only significant measure of your life is the positive effect you have on others."

For any pet owner who has had their lives made better by their dogs, this book is a reminder of the power of love to turn our hearts into mirrors, reflecting compassion back into the world.

3. "A Dog Called Hope" by Jason Morgan

A Dog Called Hope, a book by Jason Morgan

"A Dog Called Hope," tells the fascinating story of a black Labrador Retriever named Napal, who brought a devastated special forces warrior, Jason Morgan, back from the brink and taught him how to be a true father. Jason and Napal’s heartwarming, uplifting, and intensely moving tale will brighten any day and lift every heart. However, you'd better have tissues ready before reading this book.

In 2008, special forces warrior Jason Morgan, of Texas, USA, had a severe accident during an antinarcotics raid in the Central American jungle. He was treated in a U.S. military hospital, where he regained consciousness months later with no memory of how he’d gotten there. "You will never walk again," were the first words he heard from his surgeon. 

He had multiple surgeries and endured unbearable chronic pain and numerous setbacks until he was finally making progress when his wife left him and their three young sons. As a single father confined to a wheelchair, Morgan was tortured by his pain until he found light: Napal, the black Labrador Retriever who would transform his life forever.

4. "No Ordinary Dog" by Will Chesney

No Ordinary Dog, a book by Will Chesney

Whether you are a dog lover or not, you will enjoy this book. "No Ordinary Dog" not only tells the story of a SEAL Team Operator and the dog that saved his life but also teaches life lessons and good virtues that everyone needs to improve their lives and even impact the lives of others. As an operator and dog handler, Will Chesney served in the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group and participated in Operation Neptune Spear, which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011.

Yes, Chesney was there when Osama bin Laden was killed. However, Chesney shares the story of someone else who was there: Cairo, the only dog chosen to be with the SEAL Team that night in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

5. "Olive, Mabel & Me" by Andrew Cotter

Olive, Mabel & Me, a book by Andrew Cotter

When sporting events were put on hold in March 2020 due to the pandemic, Andrew Cotter, a sports broadcaster for the BBC, shifted to working from home. His two adorable Labs, Olive and Mabel became one-on-one competitors, engaging in various contests, while Cotter charmingly narrates the hilarious effect. "Olive, Mabel & Me" contains stories about the bond between Cotter and his dogs as well as his passion for hiking with them. In addition, you will also find out about the ongoing relationship between Olive and Mabel.

6. "Thunder Dog" by Michael Hingson

Thunder Dog, a book by Michael Hingson

This heartwarming book tells the true story of a blind New York City man and his guide dog, who trusted each other in the face of terror. Michael Hingson was sitting down for a meeting with his guide dog, Roselle, at his feet on September 11 when one of four hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center's North Tower. Michael, who was born blind, could hear everything that was happening around him. However, he chose to trust Roselle, who sat calmly beside him, and not to panic. By reading this book, you'll discover how the rare trust between a man and his guide dog can inspire your own unshakeable faith. Moreover, it may also inspire you to tell your own story.

7. "When Harry Met Minnie" by Martha Teichner

When Harry Met Minnie, a book by Martha Teichner

You don't have to be a dog lover to love this book. In fact, a male dog meeting a female dog is just the fairy tale part of this story, as there is so much more to this book. It starts with Martha agreeing to meet Carol and her dog Harry and translates to a deep friendship between two women with complex lives and a love of Bull Terriers in common.

8. "Werewolf" by David Alton Hedges

Werewolf, a book by David Alton Hedges

This heartfelt story of courage and loyalty will delight anyone who has ever owned and loved a dog. It is a true story of an extraordinary police K9 named “Brag” and his cop partner. At first, K9 Brag is not interested in human attachment and his cop partner becomes wary of caring too much for a canine whose life he must risk every night. However, Brag and his handler eventually develop an unbreakable bond that blurs the line between human and canine, as the dangerous manhunts push both to their mental and physical limits.

9. "Where the Echo Calls" by Steve N Lee

Where the Echo Calls, a book by Steve N Lee

The story in this book is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking. The book tells the story of a man named Ben, who'd lost so much he wanted to die. But after meeting a stray dog named Rio, everything changed. Rio is left for dead in the gutter and struggles to his feet to find a place to hide.

Ben’s life, on the other hand, ended when he lost his family. He starts to drink to the point that drinking no longer dulls the pain. His friends have moved on and therapy is a joke. As fate would have it, the broken man meets the broken dog, and they both discover a reason to move on.

The lesson from this heartwarming book is that hope can be found in any situation if only we dare to look for it.

10. "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein

The Art of Racing in the Rain, a novel by Garth Stein

Every now and then, you are fortunate enough to read a book you can’t stop thinking about: this novel might become one of them. "The Art of Racing in the Rain" is a heart-wrenching, hilarious and uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, and hope, as only a dog could tell it.

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