7 Hilarious Videos Of Dogs Reacting To Watching TV

While some dogs don't show interest in watching television, others are enthralled by screens. These dogs are often attracted to animal television shows. Domestic dogs can perceive and recognize onscreen images of animals on TV similarly to the way humans do.

In several cases, pet owners have shared videos of their dogs reacting to seeing one of their own in danger on TV or seeing a wild animal on TV. In 2020, for instance, a pet owner shared a video of their family Bulldog having a heartfelt reaction after seeing an injured dog on TV.

These videos are sure to make you smile, thus brightening your day!

Dogs Reacting To Watching TV

1. A Labradoodle tries to fetch a golf ball that is hit on TV

Here is a funny video of a pooch named Pablo chasing after a golf ball that has just been hit on TV.

2. This Dog tries to find a bear that suddenly disappears from his TV screen

This completely hilarious video shows a dog attempting to find a bear after it vanished from his TV screen.

3. Bulldog Calls for Backup after seeing a Cheetah on TV

After seeing a Cheetah on TV, a Bulldog named Elvis calls for his beloved sister Khaleesi to come and protect him.

4. This Dog Jumps for Joy While Watching Horse Race on TV

A dog named Bella from Louisville, Kentucky, USA is seen jumping for joy as soon as a horse race debuts on TV. Bella spends her days just waiting for animals to appear on TV, and her favorite TV show is horse races.

5. Fido reacts in the cutest way possible to Lion King's saddest scene

This clever dog named Luna seemingly understands what is happening on screen.

6. This dog is clearly a fan of football

7. A Doberman doing some exercises at home


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