Dog Comes To The Rescue of Toddler Who Got Viciously Kicked By a Cat

A viral video shows a dog caring for a toddler after the child gets kicked by a cat he is playing with. In the video, the child is seen crawling across the family cat's face and seemingly hurting the feline. To protect itself, the annoyed cat unceremoniously kicked the toddler off of its face, resulting in the child falling landing on his back.

Toddler Gets Viciously Kicked By a Cat

While the child's mother can be heard laughing and filming the incident, her dog is seen caring for the toddler by licking his face. Consequently, the mother is being accused of child abuse as many people think she should have stopped filming and attended to the child.

However, other commenters on the video, which has received more than one million likes on Instagram, think the video is funny and that the mother's behavior kept the baby calm.

One commenter wrote that "it's just a cat being a cat, a baby being a baby, a dog being a dog, and the woman being a parent to all three of them."

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