Golden Retriever Trained To Care For Only Grandma In Hilarious Video


Golden retrievers are intelligent, affectionate, playful, and loyal dogs that are ideal family companions. In addition, they are very protective of their lovely owners. No wonder Goldens are so popular in the United States. You've probably read the story of a Golden retriever protecting its two human sisters lost in the woods in Louisiana and another Golden retriever reacting in the sweetest way possible after seeing a window cleaner outside his apartment building in Michigan.

However, in this funny video, the Golden retriever dog is seen dragging its human dad out of the room and shutting the door behind him for rushing the food its grandma is eating. I know the dog is trained to do this but it is so freaking adorable!

In another YouTube video, the dog is seen hilariously dragging its human brother out of the room after their dad is spoon-feeding him only.

...and yet another funny video!


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