12 Fanciest Rooms Pet Owners Have Created For Their Dogs

Many people who choose to live with a dog realize that the animal needs its own time alone and its own space to relax in, just as they do. In fact, one of the hottest, new trends in dog care is "The Dog Room." While some dog owners convert spaces in their homes into a 'Dog Room,' others dedicate an entire room just for their furry friends. The Dog Room is a dedicated place for dogs and all their stuff, including a bed, bowls for food and water, storage for dog food and treats, and toys.

For a dog to feel comfortable and happy in its owner's home, it does not necessarily need to have an entire room to itself. However, if you, fortunately, have enough space in your home, you can dedicate an entire room just for Fido. People who don't have enough space in their homes usually convert the following spaces into a dog room:

  • Laundry room
  • Mudroom
  • Extra space under your stairs
  • Basement
  • Large closet
  • Corner of living room

Fanciest Dog Rooms

If you are looking for dog room design ideas, these pictures of the fanciest dog rooms can help.

1. Harrison the dog's room

Harrison the dog's room

A dog in his room
Photos: @harrythegoodestgoodboy/Instagram

2. Cabbie the dog's room

Cabbie the dog's room
Photo: @goodcabbie/Instagram

3. A fancy room dedicated to two dogs

A fancy room dedicated to two dogs
Photo: @georgesrescuepack/Instagram

4. A small dog room

A small dog room
Photo: @paintednails_handiwork/Instagram

5. Multiple dogs' room

Multiple dogs' room
Photo: @leileilime/Instagram

6. A dog room created under a stair case

A dog room made under stair case

A dog room made under stair case

A dog room made under stair case
Photos: @insidenumber16_/Instagram

7. Zig the Pomchi's room

Zig the Pomchi's room
Photo: @zigthepomchi/Instagram

8. Pomeranians' room

Pomeranians' room
Photo: @klassna_poms/Instagram

9. Royal dog room

Royal dog room

10. A dream dog room!

A dream dog room

11. A Poodle Pianist's room

A Poodle Pianist's room
Photo: @dearmonaco/Instagram

12. Siblings have to share a room sometimes

Two Dogs and a cat's room
Photo: @marthastale/Instagram


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