Top 20 Happiest Dogs On Earth 2023

There’s no greater joy for dog owners than to see their canines happy with wagging tails. When the Dogs Of Instagram account launched a "Happiest Dogs on Earth" photo contest in January this year and asked dog owners to submit photos or videos of their pups living their best life, the results were extremely uplifting.

The contest included a $100 gift card prize for the winner. According to Dogs Of Instagram, they received so many adorable photos and videos of happy dogs, which made choosing just one winner the hardest decision ever for them. Nevertheless, they were able to choose a winner, which is a Siberian Husky named Choji from Broomfield. Colorado. Choji the Husky won the contest with the below photo, which makes it the happiest dog in the world in 2023.

Choji the Husky is the happiest dog in the world
Photo: @embrace_the_fur/Instagram

Top 10 Happiest Dogs in the World 2023

1. Choji the Husky

Choji the Husky

2. Binck, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Binck, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Photo: @binck.theblackstaffy/Instagram

3. Ziggy Beans, the Golden Retriever

Ziggy Beans, the Golden Retriever
Photo: @ziggybeansboneman/Instagram

4. Bailey, the Australian Shepherd

Bailey, the Australian Shepherd
Photo: @aussiebaileysbigadventures/Instagram

5. Maya, the Shiba Inu

Maya, the Shiba Inu
Photo: @maya_koda_shibainu/Instagram

6. Scout, the Golden Retriever

Scout, the Golden Retriever
Photo: @scout_thebestboy/Instagram

7. Kira, the Labrador

Kira, the Labrador
Photo: @kira.brador/Instagram

8. Oliver, the Dalmatian

Oliver, the Dalmatian
Photo: @dalmatian__oliver/Instagram

9. Loki, the Dopey Bernese

Loki, the Dopey Bernese
Photo: @loki_the_dopey_bernese/Instagram

10. Alexis Rose, the dog

Alexis Rose, the dog
Photo: @alexisrose_thedog/Instagram

11. Sylvie, the American Bully

Sylvie, the American Bully
Photo: @sylvie_the_bully/Instagram

12. Pipa, the Border Collie

Pipa, the Border Collie

13. Skye, the dog

Skye, the dog
Photo: @skyebluestaffy_/Instagram

14. Jasper, the dog

Jasper, the dog
Photo: @jasper_thegoldador/Instagram

15. Loki, the Rough Collie

Loki, the Rough Collie
Photo: @lokiroughcollie/Instagram

16. Atlas, the Golden Retriever

Atlas, the Golden Retriever
Photo: @atta.boy.atlas/Instagram

17. Bosco, the smiling Bernese

Bosco, the smiling Bernese
Photo: @thebig_floof/Instagram

18. Huey, the Shiba Inu

Huey, the Shiba Inu
Photo: @hueytheshiba/Instagram

19. Oscar, the Havanese

Oscar, the Havanese
Photo: @tinyterrorreigns/Instagram

20. Thanos, the Pitbull

Thanos, the Pitbull
Photo: @thanos___thepitbull/Instagram


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