Adorable Golden Retriever Has The Sweetest Reaction After Seeing a Window Cleaner in Michigan


Friendliness and kindness are some of Golden Retriever dogs' characteristics. These eager-to-please family dogs are known for their joyous and playful approach to life, a puppyish behavior they maintain into adulthood. This was the case for an adult Golden Retriever named Tofu from Detroit, Michigan. The sweet pup looked surprised and reacted in the sweetest way possible after seeing a window cleaner outside his apartment building.

Adorable Michigan Golden Retriever's Sweetest Reaction

Tofu, hoping to make a new friend, grabbed his favorite toy and ran to the window joyfully wagging his tail. According to Petmd, a wagging tail basically means the dog is willing to interact or convey a range of emotions including excitement and submission.

Adorable Golden Retriever

Unfortunately, Tofu could not meet the window cleaner because he lives on the 15th floor with his owner. In an Instagram video, Tofu's owner can be heard asking her pup if he wants to give the man his toy. Apparently, Tofu wants to play with the window cleaner that's why he is showing the man his toy and going crazy to get his attention.

Adorable Golden Retriever in from Detroit

After his first futile attempt, Tofu encounters the window washer for the second time and gets as excited as last time to make a new friend! This time, the adorable pup grabs another toy and rushes to the window wagging his tail and trying to interact with the man who is busy doing his job.

According to the comment section of Tofu's viral Instagram video, some fans think it would be nice if the dog finally met the window cleaner. The dog has virtually seven thousand happy followers on Instagram. At home, Tofu enjoys watching animal documentaries.


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