Woman Accused of Animal Abuse After Grooming Her Dog to Be The Grinch


A dog owner is being criticized on social media for grooming her four-legged friend to look like the Grinch.

Dog dyed green to look like The Grinch

To get her dog into the Christmas spirit, TikToker Ashley Spielmann dyed the pup’s hair bright green, white, and red.


However, Ashley was accused of animal abuse after sharing a TikTok video that went viral showing her furry friend’s seasonal transformation. As the video shows, Ashley dyed her dog’s hair to look like he has green hair, green legs and a Santa suit.

Dog dyed green

The short clip, which has gained millions of views and likes, got mixed reactions from viewers. Virtually 70% of viewers say the dog's seasonal look kind of looks like animal abuse to them, thus expressing their concern for the pup’s health and safety.

Dog dyed green

Nonetheless, Ashley loves her dog's temporary look and continues to share shots of the pup roaming around the house. Still, not everyone likes the look.

Dog dyed green

While dog fur dye can be safe and fun, some dogs have skin allergies that disqualify them from dog hair dye. Moreover, human hair dye is never to be used to dye dogs' fur. According to Peta.org, dogs are individuals, not things and therefore don’t need or want to be dyed. In 2018, for example, a dog suffered life-threatening injuries after being dyed purple, an Animal Services Department in Pinellas County, Florida, US, shared the disturbing news at the time.

Furthermore, TikTok often shames pet owners whore dye their dog's fur. Videos featuring dyed dogs on the platform have sparked fierce debates. As a result, the owners of those dyed dogs had to explain their decision over and over again. For instance, the owner of a dyed dog named "Dan the big red dog" on TikTok had to stop dyeing her dog because of all the negative comments.

Dan the big red dog

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