Adorable Fluffy Samoyed Dog Loves To Hug Her Sister


Owning a dog undoubtedly has several benefits including reducing depression, keeping us healthier, making us feel less alone, and helping us cope with crises. In addition, dogs are known for their loyalty, faithfulness, playfulness, and unconditional love toward their owners. Every time you come through that door, your dog will always show you love. This is the case of Yuki, a fluffy Samoyed trained to give hugs.

Adorable Fluffy Samoyed Dog Hugging her sister

On social media, Yuki is always seen demonstrating her love for her sister, Maple. The two adorable pups are seen constantly cheering each other up and spending sweet moments together.

Unsurprisingly, Baby Bear Yuki, as her owner named her, has amassed over eight hundred followers on TikTok, virtually 150k followers on Instagram, and more than 2k subscribers on YouTube. Yuki is always putting smiles on her fans' faces with cute videos of her hilarious interactions with her owners and her sister.

Adorable Fluffy Samoyed Dog Yuki

While some fans say Yuki’s cute face alone makes them smile every time they see it, others say her hug is the most beautiful they've ever seen.

Yuki is described by her owner as an extrovert and her sister Maple is a shy introvert. The two sisters are always having fun on camera. Lately, their owner posted a video of them showing their athletic skills by doing the Tape Challenge.

Adorable Fluffy Samoyed Dog doing the tape challenge

The first time Yuki met Maple was also another heartwarming viral moment. The two dogs look so adorable together and their bond has strongly grown.

Dog Yuki meets her sister Maple

Dogs hugging

The Samoyed is a friendly and intelligent dog that thrives on human company. They tend to get along well with other pets they are raised with. Siberian Princess Mercy de Montyglyon brought the first Samoyed dog to the United States in 1904. She lived in Florida, according to Tampa Bay Times.

Watch the videos below.

@babybearyuki We all love that ✨Puppy Dog✨ #dog #fyp #foryou #pettok #dogsoftiktok #doghug ♬ Thats my puppy dawg - Frankie
@babybearyuki Trying the ✨Painters Tape Challenge✨! Who did it better? Ib: @halfhuskybros #dog #fyp #foryou #pettok #dogsoftiktok #doghug ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music
@babybearyuki This made me way too emotional 😭💕 #dogsoftiktok #dog #fyp #foryou #doghug #puppy ♬ Glimpse of Us X His Theme - Lukaε Lucoa

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