Netizens Had Fun Interpreting the Video of a Thinking Gorilla

Thanks to the internet, we can learn more about nature aside from what we've learned in school. Over the years, internet users have been sharing videos of animals, both domestic and wild, which allowed us to witness how animals can act and feel like humans do.

a Thinking Gorilla

A fascinating video of a thinking gorilla uploaded on Twitter shows an uncanny behavior similar to humans. Oftentimes, humans get so caught up in their thoughts that they look up to heaven. Obviously, the 23-second clip shows that a gorilla has that habit as well. In the video, which was captioned “He knows that he knows something,” the gorilla, having his hand on his face, looks like a human having a debate inside his head.

We can all relate to his situation. However, who would’ve thought that we aren't the only ones that overthink or daydream? Twitter users found the footage fascinating since it’s an exceptional gorilla video. Maybe the gorilla is also thinking about life problems or how to execute a plan. The viral amusing video has since become a source of fun for Twitter users as they interpreted it according to their perceptions.

A Gorilla Thinking

One user interpreted the video as "her expression when her kids are asking for her card to clear their Amazon cart." Another user thinks the gorilla is "calculating insurance maturity amount."


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