Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Add Two More Cats To Their Family

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on Wednesday announced to the world that they have added two new cats to their family. The couple revealed the two felines' names as Tickets and Na’avi, bringing their total cat collection to three.

Based on photos and videos shared by the couple, it looks like they welcomed what looks like another Bengal cat and a Siamese kitten. However, the couple did not specify which cat is named what. Kelly and Fox already owned a Bengal cat named Whiskey, who gladly welcomed his new friends.

The couple welcomed Whiskey in February 2022, about a year ago and has been sharing photos of the Bengal cat on their Instagram pages. Acquiring a Bengal cat in the United States can cost anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000. The Bengal is one of the most expensive cats in the United States. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are among US celebrities who are cat lovers.

Tickets and Na’avi, Machine Gun Kelly's cats
Tickets and Na’avi

Tickets the Bengal cat

Machine Gun Kelly cuddling his new cat


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