Chaotic Footage Shows Deer Crashing Through Minnesota Butcher Shop's Glass Door

A wild deer wreaked havoc in Minnesota last weekend after launching itself through the glass door of a butcher shop. The shop's surveillance camera captured the mid-sized deer making its grand entrance by shattering the glass door in the entryway. The incident, which happened at She Said Butcher Shop in Moorhead, Minnesota, caused a headache for Melissa Evans, the shop's owner, who was in the meat processing room at the time.

Deer Crashing Through Minnesota Butcher Shop's Glass Door

Obviously and according to Evans, the animal caused quite a bit of damage on her way in and out of the shop. Aside from a smashed door, there is a hole in the wall and a few broken plants. Nevertheless, Evans said she is thankful the animal did not hurt anyone in addition to the damages.

Deer causes damages at She Said Butcher Shop in Minnesota

Speaking to NBC15, Evans said she and her daughter were at the back of the store at the time when the deer accidentally crashed through the shop's front door. At first, Evans and her daughter thought someone probably drove through the building or the ceiling was crashing down.

In the video, the deer looks frightened after realizing it was inadvertently delivering itself to the butcher and attempts to escape through the store’s window while causing damage in the process. The footage shows the deer terrifyingly stumbling down a couple of times before finding its way out.

To Evans, it was a terrifying experience for her and the deer. Nonetheless, she is also concerned about the deer's safety hoping the animal's doing well and back telling the story to her friends about the crazy experience it had escaping a butcher over the weekend.

However, in order to fix the damages, She Said Butcher Shop was forced to shut down until Monday. In spite of everything, Evans is positive about the wild incident, which is drawing “a lot more customers” to her store. She told NBC15 that people who hear about the story will want to visit her shop to see the hole in the wall and talk about the deer that delivered itself to the butcher shop.


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