Licensing Your Dogs and Cats In Florida: Fees and Requirements

Dogs and cats licensing laws, requirements and fees vary from county to county in the state of Florida. The Sunshine State does not have a state-wide law that requires every dog and cat to be licensed. However, all dogs and cats in Florida must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. In some Florida counties, licensing your dog and cat is mandatory.

Palm Beach County law, for instance, requires that all dogs and cats six months of age be licensed within a month of being in the county. In Orange County, Florida, pet registration is not mandatory, only rabies vaccination is. The typical requirement to obtain a pet license in Florida is proof of current rabies vaccination.

Why must your dogs and cats be licensed in Florida?

Registering you dog in Florida

According to various Florida counties, licensing your dog or cat makes it easy for health departments and domestic animal services to ensure that all domestic animals are vaccinated against Rabies. Your dog or cat's license will also provide your information immediately should your pet become lost or end up at a shelter.

Once again, in many Florida counties, it is unlawful for a resident to keep any domestic pet over the age of 4 months without obtaining a county license. Anyone found in violation of this law may pay a fine or be charged for the number of years the pet has been with them without a license. For example, failure to obtain a pet license for your dog or cat in Manatee County, Florida, could result in fines as high as $1,000. That said, let's look at dog and cat licensing laws, requirements and fees in some major Florida counties.

Dog and Cat Licensing in Palm Beach County, FL

A dog and a cat

In Palm Beach County, all cats and dogs six months of age or older are required by law to be licensed. First-time pet owners must obtain a license within a month of acquiring their dog or cat and within a month of moving into Palm Beach County. Pet licenses must be renewed every year. You will pay a late fee of $10 if you do not renew your license within a month of its expiration date.

Palm Beach County pet license fees: To promote sterilization and reduce pet overpopulation, the licensing fee for unaltered or fertile pets is higher than that of spayed or neutered pets.
  • Unaltered dog/cat: $75
  • Spayed/Neutered dog/cat: $15
  • Late Fee: $10
  • Tag replacement: $5
  • A current rabies vaccination certificate
  • Proof of spay/neuter

You can conveniently apply for a dog or cat license in Palm Beach County online or by downloading and mailing an application form.

Dog and Cat Licensing in Pasco County, FL

Pasco County law requires that all dogs and cats four months of age or older be licensed and the license be renewed each year. Most veterinarians in Pasco County sell pet licenses for dogs or cats receiving a rabies vaccine from their clinic. Otherwise, you can purchase a pet license online or by mail in Pasco County. For application by mail, you should complete this form and mail it to the following addresses:

Pasco County Animal Services, 19640 Dogpatch Lane, Land O'Lakes, FL, 34638 or visit the Fiscal Services Building at 8620 Galen Wilson Boulevard, Number 300, Port Richey, FL 34668.

Required documents for Pasco County pet licensing:
  • A copy of the current rabies vaccination
  • Proof of spay/neuter status

Pasco County dog license fees:
  • Altered dog: $10 for 1 year
  • Altered dog: $27 for 3 years
  • Unaltered dog: $35 for 1 year
  • Unaltered dog: $100 for 3 years
  • License replacement: $5
Pasco County cat license fees:
  • Altered cat: $5 for 1 year
  • Altered cat: $12 for 3 years
  • Unaltered cat: $15 for 1 year
  • Unaltered cat: $40 for 3 years
  • License replacement: $5

Furthermore, Pasco County gladly introduces Lifetime Licensing Tags, meaning your dog or cat will retain the same tag throughout its lifetime. For more information on this, contact 813-929-1212.

Dog and Cat Licensing in Osceola County, FL

All dogs and cats four months of age or older must be vaccinated and licensed in Osceola County. The County's Animal Services provides pet license tags for a reasonable fee. In addition, Osceola County residents can also obtain a pet license at the time of rabies vaccination at the following veterinary clinics: Kissimmee Animal Hospital or Snip-it & More Clinic.

Currently, applying for a pet license online is not available in Osceola County. To get your pet license, you need to visit or mail a copy of your current rabies vaccination certificate to the following address: Osceola County Animal Services Licensing, 3910 Old Canoe Creek Rd, St. Cloud, FL 34769. For more info, visit the OCAS's official website.

Osceola County pet license fees:
  • Dog/Cat: $10 for 1 year
  • Dog/Cat: $20 for 3 years
  • License replacement: $6

Dog and Cat Licensing in Volusia County, FL

A cute cat

All dogs and cats 4 months of age or older living in Volusia County must have a current Volusia County license tag. The license proves the pet is vaccinated against Rabies and enables Animal Control officers to return the pet to its rightful owner should the pet become lost. To obtain your pet license in Volusia County, you must provide a current rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian.

Volusia County pet license fees:
  • Altered dog/cat: $4 a year
  • unaltered dog/cat: $12 a year

The Volusia County license can be obtained at the following addresses: Treasury and Billing, Historic Courthouse, 125 W New York Ave., Room 120, Deland, FL 32720.

Halifax Humane Society, 2364 LPGA Bl, Daytona Beach, FL 32124.

Southeast Humane Society, 1200 S Glencoe Rd, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168.

New Hope Animal Shelter, 800 Humane Society Rd, Deland, FL 32720.

For more info, visit the county's official website.

Dog and Cat Licensing in Lee County, FL

Licensing your cat or dog is required by law in Lee County. The Lee County license tag serves as both a rabies vaccination tag and a pet registration tag. Your pet license expires when the rabies vaccination expires. You will pay a late fee of $25 if you do not renew your license within thirty days of its expiration date. Moreover, you may receive a citation of up to $500 per pet if you delay the purchase of the county license.

A copy of your pet's rabies certificate is required to obtain a pet license in Lee County. You can obtain a Lee County pet license online or by mail to the following address: Lee County Domestic Animal Services, 5600 Banner Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33912.

Lee County pet license fees:
  • Dog/Cat under 12 months: ​$15 a year
  • Sterilized & Microchipped Dog/Cat: $15 a year
  • Unsterilized Dog/Cat | Sterilized without microchip: ​$35
  • More info

Dog and Cat Licensing in Miami-Dade County, FL

2 adorable golden retrievers

Miami-Dade County law requires that all dogs over the age of four months are licensed and the license tag be renewed every year. New dog licenses are obtainable at your at the Animal Services Shelter, at your local veterinarian’s office, or any one of the 311 Service Centers. To purchase a dog license in Miami-Dade County, you must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver's license, and have a copy of the rabies certificate. You can also apply by mail to the following address: Miami-Dade Animal Services, Tag Unit 3599 NW 79 Ave, Doral FL 33122. Cats do not require a license in Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade County dog license fees:
  • Spayed or neutered dog: $30 a year
  • Dog under 12 months: $30 a year
  • Spayed or neutered dog: $90 for 3 months
  • Non-spayed or Neutered dog: $60 a year
  • Non-spayed or Neutered dogs under 12: $30 a year
  • Non-spayed or neutered dog: $180 for 3 years
  • Low-income spayed or neutered dog: $5 a year
  • Low-income non-spayed or neutered dog: $15
  • License replacement: $5

Dog and Cat Licensing in Collier County, FL

Collier County law requires that all dogs and cats over four months be licensed. You need to provide proof of current rabies vaccination to obtain a Collier County License. Collier County pet licenses are obtainable in person at 7610 Davis Blvd, Collier County Domestic Animal Services.

Collier County pet license fees:
  • Spayed or neutered pets: $15 a year
  • Pets less than a year old: $15 a year
  • Unaltered pets older than one year: $60 a year
  • License replacement: $5
  • More info

Dog and Cat Licensing in Pinellas County, FL

2 cats hugging

It is required by law in Pinellas County that every dog and cat owner obtain a license for their pets. Moreover, every dog and cat over the age of four months living in Pinellas County must receive rabies vaccinations. Like a resident’s Social Security number, a pet’s license tag number is valid throughout its lifetime.

With a rabies certificate, you can be issued a pet license at Pinellas County Animal Services 12450 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33774. Otherwise, you can get a license through a local vet. As a pet owner, it is essential that have a relationship with a veterinarian. In addition to being a component of responsible pet ownership, this relationship is important for your pet’s health and longevity.

Pinellas County pet license fees:
  • Dog/Cat: $20 a year or $40 for 3 years
  • License replacement: $5

Dog and Cat Licensing in Hillsborough County, FL

Labrador puppies

Hillsborough County requires registration tags for every dog and cat 4 months of age or older living within the county. Pet licenses are obtainable through all veterinary clinics in Hillsborough County. The license can also be obtained in person at the Pet Resource Center at 440 N. Falkenburg Road in Tampa. However, you must provide your up-to-date rabies certificate. Another option to register for a tag is by mail. You can mail in a copy of the rabies certificate you obtain from your vet gives along with a check to the same address.

Hillsborough County pet license fees:
Hillsborough County pet license fees

Pet Licensing in other Florida Counties


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