Kind Pilot Adopts German Shepherd Abandoned at San Francisco Airport


A United Airlines pilot adopted a black German Shepherd dog who was abandoned by his owner at San Francisco International Airport. The 6-year-old dog and his owner arrived at the airport from China in late August. However, The CDC wouldn't allow the dog to enter the United States because he didn’t have the proper documents. Besides, The CDC has strict rules about animals arriving from high-risk countries for rabies. Consequently, the dog's owner abandoned his fur baby and continued his trip to New York State, The Washington Post reported.

Pilot Adopts German Shepherd Abandoned at San Francisco Airport

The poor pooch was left in an embarrassing situation by his owner's actions: He would be locally put down or euthanized upon getting back to China, according to airline rep Vincent Passafiume.

However, the airline named the dog Polaris and unrelentingly urged The CDC to reconsider its ruling about the animal. Fortunately, the agency granted Polaris the German Shepherd a reprieve but ordered a four-month quarantine. Polaris spent some time at the airport sleeping in an office being later flown first class to the Los Angeles quarantine station.

Polaris the German Shepherd

Passafiume told the Washington Post that Polaris didn’t bark at all and was so good for the entire ride down. Meanwhile, airline officials urged the San Francisco SPCA to help a company employee adopt the dog. Out of thirty-five applicants, a seven-year veteran, Capt. William Dale was chosen by the SPCA. William Dale recently moved to San Francisco with his family.

Polaris the German Shepherd

On December 15, 2022, an adoption party filled with cupcakes and an assortment of canine treats was thrown by the airline for Polaris at Terminal 3. The party was attended by SFO’s team of comfort dogs.

Polaris the German Shepherd at his new home in San Francisco
Polaris at his forever home in San Francisco

After the completion of the adoption last week, Passafiume told the Washington Post that he was happy knowing Polaris will have a loving home with his new family just in time for the holidays. However, Passafiume says he is going to miss the heck out of the dog. Following the successful adoption, airline officials donated $5,000 to the San Francisco SPCA to support their year-round lifesaving work. Polaris is presently at his new home in San Francisco with his new owner Capt. William Dale.

San Francisco SPCA officials helped Polaris gets adopted United Capt. William Dale.
Capt. William Dale. adopts Polaris

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