Cat Surrendered By Owner Because She Wanted To Cuddle Finds Forever Home


One of the best parts of having a pet is cuddling. While some felines don't like cuddling because it makes them feel trapped, others do seem to enjoy it. This is the case of Ellie, a black and white cat who was surrendered by her owner because she wanted to cuddle with him at night.

On December 8, 2022, Ellie was dropped off by her owner at the PetSmart in Chester, Virginia. The friendly and playful feline's sad story went viral on social media when a woman saw her in the store and read the note that explains why she was there.

Ellie the black and white cat

The sign on the 4-year-old feline’s kennel says Ellie was returned to the shelter because she wanted to sleep with her human owner at night but wasn’t allowed to. As a result, she would cry outside the bedroom door.

In August 2022, a man adopted Ellie through a local foster-based cat rescue. According to Fox News, Ellie was initially allowed to cuddle with her owner until things changed. The man fell in love and entered into a relationship with a woman who has a cat allergy.

Ellie wouldn't have it when she was kicked out of the bedroom. She began to protest vocally, which led to her owner returning her to where she was adopted.

When Ellie's story hit social media, she immediately went viral with thousands of people being shocked by the fact that she was surrendered for wanting to cuddle.

It wasn't long before dozens of people began applying to adopt Ellie. Eventually, the sweet cat got adopted on December 16 by a Maryland woman named Sammi. The woman said it was love at first sight when she met Ellie. Sammi adopted the playful feline after spending some time cuddling with her.

Sammy adopts Ellie the Cat
Sammi adopts Ellie

Ellie has finally found her forever home in Maryland with a human that lets her cuddle whenever and wherever she wants!

Elli the cat

Ellie finds a new owner to cuddle with!

She is already enjoying the companionship of a feline brother named Bubby. In addition, She has her own Instagram page where she is chronicling her adjustment to her new home.


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