Can You Own a Pet Pig in Colorado?

a pet pig

In numerous states across the US, pigs are classified as livestock or farm animals, which means they are not allowed to be kept as pets in urban areas. However, in Colorado, the rules regarding pig ownership, as well as other animals, are determined by individual municipalities.

This implies that whether or not you can have a pet pig in Colorado depends on where exactly you live within the state and the zoning laws in that area. So, before you decide to bring a cute little piggy into your Colorado home, it's a good idea to check out the specific zoning regulations! Meanwhile, in this blog post, I've compiled a list of a few Colorado municipalities that permit pet pigs, just to give you some examples.

Denver, CO

In the City of Denver, pigs are considered livestock, which means that owning them requires a permit. This permit needs to be renewed every year for a small fee. However, before you can get the permit, you must show the executive director that the place where you plan to keep the pig will be clean, without bugs or rats, bad smells, loud noises, or anything else that could bother the public. If you want more information, check out chapter 8 of the Denver Code of Ordinances.

Colorado Springs, CO

If you reside in Colorado Springs, you have the privilege of owning up to two potbellied pigs within your household or dwelling. However, you must adhere to specific regulations outlined by the Colorado Springs Code. You are required to tattoo or microchip your potbellied pigs before they reach four months of age. Additionally, female potbellied pigs must undergo spaying, while their male counterparts must be neutered. It is also required that your pet pigs constantly wear a harness equipped with an identification tag. This tag should include your name, address, and telephone number. Furthermore, your pigs must not exceed a weight limit of one hundred pounds.

Lakewood, CO

In Lakewood, CO, pot belly pigs are considered household pets, the keeping of which is not prohibited by the City Code. However, the City requires that pet pot belly pigs weigh less than 70 pounds.

Thornton, CO

If you live in the city of Thornton, CO, you are allowed to have only one domesticated Vietnamese potbellied pig on your premises. However, this pig must weigh less than 70 pounds. The City Code mandates that all owners have their potbellied pigs tested for pseudorabies and brucellosis before bringing them into the city. Furthermore, it is required that every pig brought into the city be neutered or spayed before they reach six months of age.

Arvada, CO

According to Chapter 14 of the Arvada Code of Ordinances, residents are permitted to keep pot-bellied pigs as pets within the city, provided that the pigs weigh less than 70 pounds. The City Code requires that you register your pet pig with the animal management office within 14 days of acquiring it. Additionally, male pot-bellied pigs must be castrated before reaching four months of age, while female pot-bellied pigs must be spayed within the same timeframe. Furthermore, it is required that your pot-bellied pig wears a harness at all times, except when inside your residence.

Pueblo, CO

In Pueblo, Co, homeowners are permitted to own a single domesticated potbellied pig on their property, as long as they adhere to specific regulations stated in the municipal ordinance.

Longmont, CO

Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs are permitted as pets in Longmont, CO. However, it is mandatory to obtain a license for all pet pot-bellied pigs according to the City Code. To acquire the license, you can approach the city clerk or their designated representative and make the necessary payment in advance, covering the license fee. 

However, before the license is issued, you must provide evidence that the animal is registered as a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig with either the Goldstar Registry or the Pot-bellied Pig Registry, Inc. Alternatively, a licensed veterinarian in the state must certify that the animal is indeed a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. Another option is to demonstrate that the animal has been spayed or neutered.

Loveland, CO

If you reside in Loveland, Colorado, you must obtain a license if you wish to own a pot-bellied pig. This license must be obtained from the city within 14 days of acquiring the piggy. Before you can be granted the license, you must provide evidence that your pot-bellied pig has received the necessary vaccinations.

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