Can You Have a Goat as a Pet in Utah?

In many states, including Utah, goats are classified as livestock or farm animals. As a result, keeping them as pets in urban or residential areas is typically restricted. In Utah, each municipality has its own set of ordinances and zoning regulations that govern the ownership of farm animals, including goats, in non-agricultural areas. Therefore, whether or not you can have a goat as a pet in Utah depends on the specific city ordinances and zoning rules in place. To provide you with some examples, I have compiled a list of Utah municipalities that permit goat-keeping within city limits.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you are a resident of Salt Lake City, UT, you need to acquire a permit from the office of animal services in order to own goats. This permit grants you the privilege of keeping up to two goats on your property. However, if you desire to own more than the maximum number allowed, you must obtain a license from the director of animal services. FYI, the city's health department will consistently oversee the sanitary conditions of the premises where goats are kept. For further information, please refer to the Salt Lake City Code of Ordinances.

West Jordan, UT

The City of West Jordan permits property owners to keep livestock, including goats, as long as the animals are not allowed to roam freely. The City Code mandates that all fencing must be strong enough to prevent the animals from escaping or getting injured. Additionally, it is required that the fencing is regularly maintained to prevent any breakage, damage, or potential harm to the enclosed animals or the possibility of their escape.

Orem, UT

If you reside in Orem, UT, you need a minimum of one acre of land in order to own up to two goats. According to the Orem Code of Ordinances, it is mandatory to keep goats at a distance of at least 40 feet from any dwelling on the same lot, as well as 85 feet from any neighboring dwelling. Moreover, keeping goats in a residential zone for commercial production purposes is strictly prohibited.

South Jordan, UT

The City of South Jordan extends farm animal rights to property owners in the R-1.8, A-1, or A-5 zones, provided that the land is at least 0.5 acres in size. As a goat owner in South Jordan, you must adhere to the City Code, which prohibits the keeping of goats and other farm animals in front or side yard areas that are less than one acre in size. Moreover, on properties that are smaller than one acre, it is prohibited to keep any farm animal within a distance of forty feet (40) from any existing dwelling unit on an adjacent property. The permissible number of goats is determined by the type of animal and the size of the property.

Taylorsville, UT

In Taylorsville, Utah, goats are classified as medium-sized farm animals and are permitted in any R-1-40 residential district, provided that an animal permit is obtained. According to the City Code, the ratio for keeping goats is five per acre of lot size, with a minimum requirement of 40,000 square feet. To ensure proper housing, partially enclosed and/or roofed structures must be situated at the rear of the primary dwelling and at least thirty feet away from neighboring dwellings. Additionally, these structures must adhere to all setback and yard regulations applicable to accessory structures.

Draper, UT

Draper City permits property owners to possess a maximum of five goats. For a comprehensive list of other farm animals that are permissible to own within Draper City, kindly refer to the table provided below or visit the City Code.

Midvale, UT

Midvale City allows residents to keep a maximum of two miniature goats on their property, provided that the premises are zoned for single-family residential dwellings and have a minimum lot size of at least one-quarter acre. Additionally, the property should only have one residential dwelling unit. The City Code requires that all miniature goats be dehorned, unless they have reached the age of one year old. Moreover, male miniature goats must be neutered, while female miniature goats must be spayed. Furthermore, it is required that all miniature goats receive vaccinations from a veterinarian licensed in Utah to treat livestock.


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