Peanut, the World’s Oldest Chicken, Dies at 21 in Owner’s Arms in Michigan


In a heartwarming yet somber event, Peanut, the world’s oldest living chicken, passed away on Christmas morning at the remarkable age of 21. Peanut had an extraordinary journey, surviving abandonment by her mother and forging an unbreakable bond with her devoted owner, Marsi Parker Darwin. This unique chicken, who had gained worldwide recognition as the oldest living chicken, left a void in the hearts and home of her loved ones.

World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, a bantam breed of chicken, was raised from an egg by Darwin, a retired librarian, who dedicated herself to ensuring Peanut's long and healthy life. Darwin provided her feathered companion with plenty of exercise and a nutritious diet, including yogurt mixed with crushed vitamin D tablets and treats of fresh fruit and vegetables. This careful attention to Peanut's well-being undoubtedly contributed to her impressive longevity.

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In January 2023, Peanut gained worldwide recognition as Guinness World Records' oldest living chicken, attaining this remarkable title at the age of 20. Darwin, deeply inspired by Peanut's journey, made it her mission to share her beloved chicken's story with the world. Through various media platforms such as newspaper interviews, television appearances, and radio programs and podcasts, Peanut's incredible tale reached countless individuals.

World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, characterized by her friendly nature, delighted in being held and would often perch on Darwin's shoulder. This endearing chicken would even respond to her name when called and had a propensity for nibbling on Darwin's ear—an unforgettable quirk that brings comfort to her beloved owner. Peanut's story touched the hearts of many, resulting in an outpouring of support and messages of comfort from around the globe.

While the overwhelming majority responded with kindness and compassion, Darwin did face some insensitive comments online. Despite this, she chooses to focus on the hope and goodness that Peanut embodied throughout her life. Peanut's legacy is a reminder of the beauty and kindness that can be found in the world, even in the face of negativity.


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