Two ‘Panda’-Like Dogs Take Over the Internet, Put a 'Spot'-light on Pet Adoption


Can you imagine finding not one, but two dogs that resemble adorable pandas? That's exactly what Carly D'Eliseo experienced when she decided to adopt a dog after moving to North Texas during the pandemic.

‘Panda’-Like Dogs

Moving to a new place can be daunting, especially during a pandemic. But Carly D'Eliseo, a dog enthusiast, saw it as an opportunity to fulfill her dream of adopting a furry friend. Little did she know that she would not only find one, but two dogs that resembled adorable pandas.

Carly, who grew up surrounded by dogs in South Florida, had always dreamed of fostering dogs on her own. Her dream became a reality when she stumbled upon a dog named Panda on Petfinder in 2020. Instantly, she knew that Panda was meant to be her dog. As someone who had always been fascinated by pandas since childhood, it was a perfect match.

As Carly embraced her role as a dog rescuer and foster parent, fate had another surprise in store for her. She came across a video of a puppy named Dallas, who had the same panda-like markings as Panda. This unexpected resemblance left Carly stunned. The video was shared by Cody's Friends Rescue, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based rescue organization from which Carly had adopted Panda. Seeing the striking resemblance between Dallas and Panda, Carly couldn't believe her luck. Without hesitation, she agreed to foster Dallas.

‘Panda’-Like Dogs

From the moment Dallas entered Carly's home, it was clear that the two pandas were meant to be together. Despite their age difference, Panda being 7 and Dallas being only 2, they quickly formed an inseparable bond. Panda, the serene and composed companion, balanced out Dallas's boundless energy.

Carly affectionately describes them as being "attached at the hip." They eat, play, and sleep side by side, bringing immense joy and laughter to Carly's life. Their endearing friendship has become a sensation on TikTok and Instagram under the username @packofpandas.

‘Panda’-Like Dogs

Carly's journey with Panda and Dallas has transcended her personal joy and become an inspiration for others. By sharing their story on social media, she hopes to encourage more people to adopt dogs from shelters. Carly passionately believes that every dog deserves a chance, and shelters are filled with wonderful creatures just waiting for their forever homes. Panda and Dallas, with their adorable panda-like appearance, have shown the world that dream dogs can indeed be found in shelters.

In addition to bringing love and laughter into her life, Carly's involvement in rescue and foster work has helped her find a sense of home in her new state. It has eased her homesickness and made her feel like she was destined to be in Texas at the right time. Moving to a new place can be a challenging experience, but Carly's journey with Panda and Dallas has given her a greater purpose. By stepping out of her comfort zone, she has found what was always meant for her.


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