Florida Police Confiscate 180kg Pet Pig Over Welfare Concerns


In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Florida police have confiscated a 180kg pet pig named Pork Chop from its owner, Kelly Jacobson. Worries about the animal's welfare prompted the authorities to take action, leaving Jacobson devastated and determined to fight for custody. While she acknowledges the concerns raised, Jacobson is determined to demonstrate that Pork Chop is well cared for and loved.

Florida Police Confiscate a 180kg Pet Pig

Kelly Jacobson, visibly distraught, expressed her heartbreak over the removal of her beloved pet pig, Pork Chop. Comprehending the reasons behind the police's intervention, she couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of loss. "I don't know what else to say about that. They took Pork Chop away from me," she lamented. Despite her protests and the significant effort she put into preserving her pet's ownership, her attempts were in vain. It is evident that losing Pork Chop has deeply impacted Jacobson.

The welfare of animals is of paramount importance, and it is reassuring to know that authorities are vigilant in ensuring their protection. In this case, animal welfare officers became concerned about Pork Chop's weight and subsequently decided to intervene. While Jacobson acknowledges the weight issue, she passionately insists that her pet pig receives all the care and love it needs. Concerns were likely raised due to the potential health risks associated with obesity in animals, including joint pain, heart disease, and decreased activity levels.

Florida Police Confiscate 180kg Pet Pig

Jacobson hinted at the possibility that formal complaints from her neighbors contributed to the confiscation of Pork Chop. She mentioned that the noise of the pig's distinctive squeals reached the neighboring houses. It is crucial to remember that as pet owners, we must ensure that our animals' noise levels are considerate of those around us. While it is heartbreaking to have a beloved pet taken away, it is essential to maintain harmonious relationships with neighbors by being mindful of excessive noise.

Despite the current situation, there is a glimmer of hope for Pork Chop's future. Annette Wrubleski, the founder of Laughing Pig, a pig sanctuary located two hours away in central Florida, believes that the pig's well-being can be restored. Acknowledging pigs as sentient beings, Wrubleski expresses her admiration for these misunderstood creatures. While Pork Chop's ability to exercise may be limited currently, Wrubleski believes that with time, he will regain his mobility and activity levels.

Pig owner Kelly Jacobson
Pig owner Kelly Jacobson crying during an interview

At present, the custody status of Pork Chop remains unknown.


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