The Incredible Weight Loss Journey of a Chihuahua Who Was Fed Only Sausage and Eggs


When Sweet Tomato, a Chihuahua, arrived at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California, her excessive weight astonished her new friends. Weighing a staggering 30 pounds when she should have only weighed 10, Sweet Tomato's previous owner had fed her a diet primarily consisting of sausage and eggs. The consequences were severe, as she could barely move and required a stroller even for short distances. This excessive weight was detrimental to her overall health, prompting her rescuers to embark on a weight loss journey to ensure her well-being.

an obese chihuahua

Sweet Tomato's weight loss journey began when she was placed in a foster home. At first, she struggled to walk, but as the pounds started melting away, her mobility gradually improved. After just three months, Sweet Tomato shed 10 pounds, equivalent to a third of her body weight. Six weeks later, she had lost an additional 14 pounds, enabling her to experience the joy of running once again. The transformation was astounding, and it wasn't long before Sweet Tomato found her forever home.

an obese chihuahua loses weight

Sweet Tomato's new owner, Amanda, renamed her Sox, signifying her triumphant journey. Sox now lives the life of her dreams, exuding happiness and energy each day. Whether it's the bed, the couch, the chairs, or even the kitchen table when Amanda is away, Sox fearlessly explores her surroundings, showcasing her newfound agility and zest for life. Her extraordinary transformation from a struggling, obese dog to a vibrant and lively companion is a testament to the power of determination and love.

Sweet Tomato's story is a reminder of the profound impact a change in diet and lifestyle can have on our beloved pets. Through the dedication of her rescuers and the support of her foster home, Sox went on an epic weight loss journey that transformed her life. As she shed the excess weight, her mobility improved, and she regained the ability to run freely. With each passing day, Sox embraces her newfound health and happiness, showcasing her zest for life. Her story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the transformative power of love and care.


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