Real or Fake? Pandas Melt Hearts with Human-like Dining Antic


In a heartwarming video that has captured the attention of millions, pandas in China's Chongqing Zoo have been seen sitting and eating like humans. These adorable black and white bears have caused quite a stir on social media, with some viewers questioning whether they are the real deal or simply humans in clever disguises.

4 Pandas sit and eat like humans

The video of pandas sitting in chairs and eating at a table has reignited the long-standing speculation that these beloved creatures might actually be humans dressed in panda suits. After all, the ability to sit upright and use utensils is typically associated with human behavior. This theory has gained traction in the past, with similar suspicions arising in other zoos around the world.

While some remain skeptical, others argue that the video simply showcases the pandas' incredible ability to mimic human behavior, a skill not uncommon among animals. Pandas are highly intelligent creatures, capable of imitating actions they observe in their environment. Their physical limitations, such as their body structure and lack of opposable thumbs, make it difficult for them to replicate certain human movements perfectly. However, their impressive adaptation skills allow them to come surprisingly close.

Last summer, the Hangzhou Zoo faced similar scrutiny when a Malaysian sun bear named Angela was captured on video standing perfectly on her hind legs. This unprecedented display of bipedalism led to widespread speculation that Angela was, in fact, a human dressed up as a bear. However, experts and zoo officials quickly debunked these claims, stating that Angela's behavior was a result of her unique personality and conditioning, rather than any deception on their part.

4 Pandas sit and eat like humans

Since the Angela incident, the Hangzhou Zoo has witnessed a remarkable increase in visitor numbers, with a 30% boost in attendance. Today, the zoo welcomes approximately 20,000 people daily, all eager to catch a glimpse of Angela and other captivating animals.

While the debate continues, it is evident that the behavioral traits displayed by the pandas in the Chongqing Zoo video align with their species' natural tendencies. Pandas have been observed sitting on their hind legs to eat, gripping food with their paws, and displaying a wide range of movements that resemble human actions. These behaviors are not an anomaly but rather a testament to the adaptability and intelligence of these remarkable creatures.

4 Pandas sit and eat like humans

Additionally, the expertise of zookeepers and wildlife experts adds credibility to the authenticity of the video. These professionals have spent years studying the behavior of pandas and possess a wealth of knowledge regarding their habits and abilities. Their expertise confirms that the pandas in the video are indeed real, rather than imposters in clever disguises.


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