Scientists Are Surprised To Find 'Iridescent' Animal They Thought Had Gone Extinct


In a surprising turn of events, scientists working in South Africa have recently made an incredible discovery. They have found a rare and mesmerizing creature that was believed to be extinct. The elusive De Winton’s golden mole, a small blind mammal with extraordinary hearing abilities, has not been seen in over 80 years. However, a study published in Biodiversity and Conservation suggests that this remarkable animal may be more widespread than previously thought.

De Winton’s golden mole

The De Winton’s golden mole, often referred to as an "iridescent blind mole," showcases its unique characteristics and abilities. Measuring about the size of a hamster, these incredible creatures glide through the sandy dunes along the South African coast, making them incredibly difficult to locate. Their iridescent fur adds to their mystique, as it shines with a dazzling array of colors under certain light conditions.

It is no wonder that De Winton’s golden moles have remained hidden from human eyes for so long. These fascinating animals spend the majority of their lives underground, making them elusive and seldom seen. With their highly developed hearing abilities, they navigate through their subterranean habitats, foraging for insects and other small prey. Their blind eyes are compensated by their exceptional sense of touch and hearing.

A team of scientists from the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the University of Pretoria embarked on an arduous quest to find the De Winton’s golden mole. They faced countless challenges but never wavered in their determination. Surveying up to 11.2 miles of dune habitat in a single day, the dedicated team left no stone unturned in their pursuit of this rare and elusive creature.

De Winton’s golden mole

The journey to find the De Winton’s golden mole was not without its doubters. Many questioned whether the species still existed after nearly a century of no recorded sightings. However, Cobus Theron, a senior conservation manager for EWT, never lost faith. He believed that the right detection method, perfect timing, and a passionate team would eventually lead to success.

The re-discovery of the De Winton’s golden mole brings hope for the future of this remarkable species. With renewed efforts for conservation and protection, these fascinating creatures can thrive once again. The researchers' perseverance and the tireless work put into this project have paved the way for further studies and conservation efforts.

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