Pink, Wrinkly Puppy Shocks Rescuers With Incredible New Look


When volunteers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) stumbled upon a stray puppy in a local cemetery, they were taken aback by his shocking appearance. Bald, with pink, wrinkly skin that was inflamed, this little pup tugged at their heartstrings. But what they soon discovered was that underneath his rough exterior, he had an incredibly sweet and loving personality. Thus began a journey of transformation and hope for this special dog, who would later be named Kamper.

a sick puppy

Upon his rescue, Kamper was in a sad and neglected state. He was suffering from a debilitating skin condition and sore paws, which made every step painful for him. The volunteers and staff at SRSL were determined to provide him with the care and love he deserved. In a Facebook post, SRSL expressed their initial impressions of Kamper, describing him as invisible, neglected, and profoundly sad.

To help Kamper heal, the team at SRSL implemented a regimen of daily medicated baths and nourishing food. It took some time for his physical appearance to improve, but his spirit began to shine almost immediately. The volunteers witnessed a remarkable transformation in Kamper's demeanor as he started receiving the necessary treatment.

a sick puppy

As part of their efforts to protect Kamper's healing skin and prevent further disease or injury, the SRSL team decided to dress him in cozy pajamas. It was a practical solution to ensure that Kamper's skin wouldn't flake or bleed in his foster home. Little did they know that Kamper would come to adore his newfound attire. His pajamas became a symbol of comfort and security for him.

a sick puppy's transformation

Kamper's love for his pajamas prompted the SRSL team to gather different variations of them. As time passed, Kamper's black coat slowly grew back, replacing his pink and wrinkly skin. Even as he moved to a foster home, his trusty pajamas remained with him. With the continued care and treatment he received in his foster home, Kamper's health and well-being flourished.

an adopted dog and its family

On October 30, 2023, Kamper's wish for a forever family finally came true. A loving couple visited SRSL, hoping to find a new addition to their family. When they met Kamper, they instantly fell in love and decided to give him a forever home. Today, Kamper is thriving in his new environment. His once-bald and inflamed skin has been replaced by a round tummy and a thick black coat.

a happy dog

Kamper's transformation is a testament to the dedication and love shown by the volunteers at SRSL. Natalie Thomson, SRSL's director of marketing, describes Kamper as a beautiful and healthy boy. His new family adores him and cherishes his infectious smile. While the SRSL community misses seeing Kamper, they take solace in knowing that he has found his rightful place in a loving home.


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