A "Beyond Rare" White Alligator is Born at Florida Wildlife Park

Get ready for an astonishing and enchanting sight – Gatorland, Florida's renowned wildlife park, proudly announces the arrival of an exceptionally rare white alligator. This stunning creature, one of only eight in the world, has captivated visitors with its mesmerizing beauty. In a thrilling announcement last week, Mark McHugh, the president and CEO of Gatorland, shared the incredible news of the first-ever recorded birth of a solid white alligator from a nest of leucistic alligators discovered in the swamps of Louisiana 36 years ago. This milestone birth presents a rare and extraordinary event that has left the wildlife community in awe.

a woman holding a white gator

Leucistic alligators represent the rarest genetic variation within the American alligator species. Unlike albino alligators, which have a complete loss of pigmentation and pink eyes, leucistic alligators experience partial loss of pigmentation, resulting in their stunning white coloration. However, you may notice patches of normal coloration on their skin, beautifully complemented by their stunning brilliant blue eyes.

Recognizing the immense value and uniqueness of this precious creature, Gatorland has implemented enhanced security measures to safeguard this extraordinary white alligator. The park has taken utmost precautions by placing her within a locked house, inside a locked room, and within a locked aquarium. Rest assured, this little wonder is safe and sound, as Gatorland's international ambassador Savannah Boan proudly declared. Only after meticulous protection can the public soon behold this marvel.

a white gator

After keeping the birth under wraps for nearly five months, Gatorland recently revealed that the female white alligator and her normal-hued brother hatched in August to their proud parents, Jeyan and Ashley. These sibling reptiles currently weigh a charming 96 grams, equivalent to 3.5 ounces, and measure just under 49 cm (20 inches) in length. Gatorland's veterinarian has given these adorable creatures an "A+" for their exceptional health.

Just like any precious creature, these white alligators require a specialized diet to thrive. Currently, their menu consists of bite-size pieces of raw chicken and Croc Chow pellets. With nourishment tailored to their needs, these remarkable reptiles are flourishing under Gatorland's expert care.

Gatorland is not only committed to protecting these precious alligators but also passionate about sharing their splendor with the public. Early next year, the white alligator and her dashing brother will be put on display, allowing visitors to witness their majestic presence, learn about their mesmerizing characteristics, and undoubtedly fall head over heels in love with them – just as Gatorland has.

a white gator

Gatorland warmly invites the public to participate in finding suitable names for these two remarkable white alligators. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to the legacy of these magnificent creatures and forever be connected to their journey.


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