Man Visits Shelter Every Day For 2 Months To Convince Dog To Let Him Adopt Her


Imagine walking into a shelter and instantly falling in love with a dog. Now picture that dog, with a heartbreaking past, who has lost faith in humanity due to her struggles. This is the story of a man named Joe Rotunda, who visited a shelter every single day for two months to convince a fearful dog named Alva to let him adopt her. This tale of patience, compassion, and unwavering dedication is a testament to the transformative power of love and the strong bond between humans and animals.

a fearful shelter dog

When Alva was adopted in 2020, those at Austin Pets Alive believed she had finally found her forever home. Sadly, she was returned to the shelter in 2022 due to her condition. Alva suffers from wobbler syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects her spine and neck, causing physical limitations. As a result, Alva became defensive and fearful, which made finding her a permanent home a daunting task.

The moment Joe Rotunda came across Alva's photo on Instagram, he felt an instant connection. Despite the shelter staff's explanation about Alva's fearfulness, Joe knew he wanted to give her a chance at a better life. He made a solemn vow to gain Alva's trust, no matter how long it took, because he knew she was worth every effort.

a fearful shelter dog

For two months straight, Joe Rotunda visited the shelter every single day to spend time with Alva. He patiently sat beside her, engaging in conversation and showing her in various ways that she could trust him. Each day, Joe's love for Alva grew stronger as he saw her respond positively to his presence. Despite the setbacks and challenges, Joe remained steadfast in his belief that Alva would eventually let him into her heart.

Joe's determination to make Alva feel safe and loved extended beyond the shelter. He transformed his entire living space to accommodate her needs. This included building an outside ramp for easy access, creating a designated safe space in the living room, and adding kennels for Alva to decompress in. Joe's commitment to Alva's comfort and well-being knew no bounds.

a fearful shelter dog playing with its adopter

With the support of the shelter's training staff and Joe's unwavering dedication, Alva's progress was astounding. She gradually overcame her fears and anxieties, learning to explore her surroundings with confidence. Joe's patience and love guided Alva towards enormous strides in her training. Inspiringly, Alva also found a friend to play with, defying the shelter's initial concerns that such joy might never be possible for her.

a fearful shelter dog is now happy with its owner

Reflecting on their journey together, Joe Rotunda expresses that Alva has given him far more than he has given her. "Many people assume it must be a challenging endeavor," Rotunda explained, "but I consistently remind them that Alva has given me far more than I have given her." Despite the challenges they faced, Alva's indomitable spirit and unwavering determination have been a constant source of inspiration for Joe. Her infectious shine illuminates every aspect of their lives, reminding them that nothing can stand in their way.

"Every time I laid eyes on Alva, she bestowed upon me a precious gift: inspiration," Rotunda expressed. "Her infectious spirit radiates, and nothing can impede her path."

a fearful shelter dog is now happy

The tale of Joe Rotunda's daily visits to the shelter, Alva's transformation, and their unbreakable bond is a testament to the power of love, dedication, and perseverance. It serves as a poignant reminder of the potential for redemption and healing in even the most challenging circumstances. Alva's journey from a fearful and defensive shelter dog to a beloved companion is a testament to the impact that a single individual can have on the life of another, proving that love knows no limits.


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