Hilarious Video Shows Border Collie Herding Husky


In a heartwarming and amusing video that recently went viral on Twitter, a man showcased the incredible intelligence and herding instincts of his border collie. The video captures the moment when the man intentionally lets go of the leashes of his two dogs, a border collie and a husky. While the husky continues walking nonchalantly, the border collie impressively gathers the leash, brings it back to its owner, and proceeds to herd the husky back. This hilarious interaction showcases the remarkable intelligence and innate herding abilities that the border collie breed is known for.

a Border Collie Herding a Husky

Border collies have long been recognized as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Their ability to understand and process commands is remarkable, making them ideal candidates for activities such as herding, obedience competitions, and even search and rescue operations. This video is a perfect example of their exceptional problem-solving skills and acute understanding of their surroundings.

As the man intentionally dropped the leashes, the border collie immediately assessed the situation and took matters into its own paws. With an agile movement, the border collie skillfully grabbed the leash from the ground using its mouth. This display of resourcefulness and problem-solving skills not only impressed the owner but also left viewers in awe of the border collie's intelligence.

The border collie's loyalty and dedication to its owner were evident in this video. While the husky continued walking, seemingly oblivious to the situation, the border collie understood the owner's intention and took it upon itself to bring the husky back. With a swift action, the man removed the leash from the border collie's neck, triggering the collie's instinct to herd. The border collie immediately ran after the husky, skillfully maneuvering it back towards their owner.

Herding is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and celebrated traits of border collies. Their innate herding instincts, honed over generations of working with livestock, make them exceptional at controlling the movement of animals. In the video, the border collie's ability to herd the husky back to its owner perfectly showcases this natural talent. It's no wonder that border collies are often the breed of choice for farmers and ranchers worldwide.


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