Golden Retriever Steals the Spotlight at Doggy Daycare


Imagine going to pick up your dog from daycare, only to find out that they have become the neighborhood's most notorious thief. Well, that's exactly what happens at Canine College in Michigan, thanks to their mischievous resident, Finn the golden retriever. Finn has an uncanny ability to find and steal just about anything within his reach, keeping both the staff and his fellow doggy friends on their toes. From water bottles to cleaning brushes, and even a toy sword, Finn's kleptomaniac tendencies have earned him a loyal following and left internet users in stitches.

a golden retriever stealing things at Doggy Daycare

At Canine College, the staff is well-aware of Finn's sticky paws and have taken to documenting his daily escapades on social media. With each stolen item, they humorously rate his loot for its audacity and entertainment value. In a viral video that has garnered over 1.3 million views, we witness Finn's daring thefts unfold. It all begins with a staff member's jacket, which only receives a modest five out of ten rating. But as the day progresses, Finn ups his game, impressing both the staff and online viewers alike.

Finn's thieving skills know no bounds, as he fearlessly snatches objects ranging from the mundane to the downright bizarre. A water bottle is no match for Finn's swift swipe, effortlessly earning a perfect score. And if you thought his pilfering talents ended there, think again. Finn's pièce de résistance comes in the form of a giant toy sword, which claims a solid eight out of ten rating. It's safe to say that Finn's taste in treasure is both comedic and eclectic.

a golden retriever with a toy sword in its mouth

While Finn's larcenous endeavors may leave the daycare staff puzzled and bemused, there's no denying the utter joy he brings to everyone's faces. Most of the time, Finn's intentions are pure, and the staff playfully quips that he simply wants to lend a helping paw. The tooth-marked clothing and slightly slobbered water bottles may not be ideal, but it's impossible to be mad at Finn when his thieving antics are punctuated with a wagging tail and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

It should come as no surprise that Finn's daily exploits have taken the internet by storm. The Canine College's social media accounts (@caninecollegemi) are flooded with videos of Finn's thievery, and he has amassed millions of fans worldwide. The viral TikTok post showcasing Finn's escapades has received over 258,600 likes and 900 comments, with demands for more videos and ratings of his stolen treasures pouring in. It seems that Finn's charismatic personality and penchant for pilfering have struck a chord with people everywhere.

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