Video: 2 Dogs Destroy Cars at Texas Dealership, Cause Up to $350K in Damages

Have you ever heard of dogs wreaking havoc on a car dealership? Well, it might sound unbelievable, but that's exactly what happened at the G Motors dealership in Texas. According to employees, a Texas auto dealership has fallen victim to the destructive antics of two mischievous canines, resulting in significant financial losses. The G Motors dealership experienced three separate incidents between November 6 and November 18, during which the dogs wreaked havoc on vehicles. 

2 Stray Dogs Destroying Cars at Texas Dealership

Surveillance footage obtained by ABC13 reveals the extent of the damage, with the dogs tearing off bumpers and fenders. Shockingly, the mischievous pooches managed to ravage five cars, causing estimated damages ranging from $100,000 to $350,000, as reported by sales manager Gaby Fakhoury.

2 Stray Dogs Destroy Cars at Texas Dealership

Fakhoury expressed his astonishment, stating, "You never anticipate that a dog possesses the capability to dismantle a car in such a manner." Another employee initially believed that only a wolf could inflict such extensive harm, but their perception changed after viewing the video evidence. 

2 Stray Dogs Destroy Cars at Texas Dealership

The footage showcases the dogs confidently walking on top of cars and seemingly collaborating to dismantle various parts using their teeth. Interestingly, the first incident caught on camera also features a cat, which employees speculate may have been the dogs' intended target.

The relentless attacks have left the dealership's staff in a state of terror, with concerns that potential customers may be deterred from visiting the premises. Fakhoury shared, "People are now reluctant to leave their vehicles unattended. They rush straight into the office, gripped by fear." In response to the distressing situation, the dealership promptly filed a report with the Houston Police Department. However, they were informed that the matter falls under civil jurisdiction unless the dogs pose a threat to humans. Fakhoury emphasized the urgency, stating, "We cannot afford to wait until someone sustains serious injuries."

Law enforcement authorities advised the dealership to engage a private investigator to locate the dogs' owner, if one exists, in order to pursue legal action for damages. Employees strongly believe that the dogs are gaining access to the fenced-in dealership through a small gap.

As reported by The Post, the dealership is making preparations to relocate to a new site next month, with the hope that it will be situated far away from the destructive canines. This decision reflects their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for both employees and customers alike.

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