9 Dog Breed-Specific Rescues in Florida


Are you a dog lover and looking for a furry companion to bring home? Adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful way to give a second chance to a deserving canine in need. In the state of Florida, there are several dog breed-specific rescues that focus on finding homes for specific breeds. These rescues are dedicated to the well-being of their chosen breeds and work tirelessly to match them with loving families.

Rescue dogs in Florida

1. Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRRoF)

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRRoF) is a dedicated organization operating across the entire state of Florida. Committed to the noble cause of rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding forever homes for Labrador Retrievers, LRRoF relies solely on the unwavering support of dedicated volunteers, esteemed partners, and generous donors. It is through their collective efforts that LRRoF is able to fulfill its mission of rescuing these magnificent creatures.

At LRRoF, every Labrador Retriever is provided with a safe haven in the form of foster homes, as they do not maintain a physical shelter location. This approach ensures that their labs receive the individual attention, care, and love they deserve while awaiting their forever families.

2. Florida Yorkie Rescue

Florida Yorkie Rescue, situated in Palm City, Florida, is a distinguished non-profit organization committed to the noble cause of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Yorkies, Morkies, and Malteses weighing under 12 lbs. Whether you find yourself in the position of needing to adopt or surrender a beloved Yorkie, rest assured that this rescue will diligently work to secure a permanent and affectionate home for these precious companions.

3. Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue (SW Florida/Naples)

If you share the same passion for German Shepherd Dogs as I do and are considering adoption, you are likely to discover a devoted companion within this rescue organization. This loyal companion will undoubtedly provide you and your family with years of unwavering love and affection.

4. Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF)

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF) is a nonprofit dog rescue organization established in 2015 and duly registered as a charitable organization in the State of Florida. Their mission is to provide a safe haven for homeless and displaced Scottish Terriers throughout Florida, ensuring their rescue and successful placement into loving homes.

5. Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida is committed to assisting pet owners in the difficult process of surrendering their beloved pets, a decision that can often be emotionally challenging. However, this rescue organization goes above and beyond to ensure that these golden retrievers receive top-notch veterinary care, are placed in nurturing foster homes, and undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure they find the most suitable forever homes.

6. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue

Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. is a dedicated, all-volunteer non-profit organization committed to delivering exceptional veterinary care, conducting comprehensive evaluations, and securing high-quality adoptive homes for Golden Retrievers. Their mission is to rescue and rehabilitate these beloved canines who have been abandoned, mistreated, neglected, or left at Animal Control facilities spanning from Vero Beach to Key West.

7. French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN)

Are you interested in providing a French Bulldog with a second chance at a loving forever home? The mission of FBRN is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome French Bulldogs in need, whether they come from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners, or compassionate individuals. This organization is entirely run by dedicated volunteers who not only nurture and foster these dogs but also offer valuable education and training. Their ultimate objective is to find permanent homes for French Bulldogs that are both healthy and content.

8. Florida Boxer Rescue

Boxer lovers will be delighted to discover the Florida Boxer Rescue. This rescue organization is devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of Boxers in need. Their team of experienced volunteers works tirelessly to save Boxers from high-kill shelters, abusive situations, and owner surrenders. They provide comprehensive veterinary care, training, and socialization to ensure their rescues find loving forever homes.

9. Florida Dachshund Rescue

For fans of Dachshunds, the Florida Dachshund Rescue is a true gem. This dedicated rescue organization focuses solely on the well-being of Dachshunds and Dachshund mixes. Their experienced volunteers provide medical care, foster homes, and behavioral assessments to ensure each dog finds the perfect match. They work tirelessly to save Dachshunds from neglectful and abusive situations and give them a second chance at a happy life.


If you are considering adopting a dog and have a specific breed in mind, exploring breed-specific rescues is a fantastic option. The nine dog breed-specific rescues in Florida I have discussed are just a few of the many amazing organizations dedicated to finding homes for specific breeds.

Whether you are looking for a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Yorkie, German Shepherd, or French Bulldog, these rescues will provide you with the opportunity to give a deserving dog a forever home. Remember, when you adopt a rescue dog, you are not only gaining a loyal companion but also saving a life.


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