Stolen Colorado Dog Reunites With Owner After 40-Mile Police Chase Ends in Crash, Shooting


A heartwarming tale unfolded as a stolen dog was joyfully reunited with its owner, following a thrilling 40-mile police chase involving two suspects. The pursuit reached its dramatic climax when the suspects crashed into a 7-Eleven, resulting in a police-involved shooting.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff's Department in Colorado took up the pursuit of a suspected stolen vehicle. The reckless driver, displaying a complete disregard for the law, adamantly refused to pull over.

During the adrenaline-fueled chase, the audacious suspects brazenly opened fire on the pursuing officers. To compound matters, they intentionally side-swiped two innocent vehicles, causing further chaos on the road, as reported by the sheriff's office.

Undeterred by the dangerous situation, the resourceful deputies skillfully deployed road spikes, successfully puncturing the tires of the fleeing vehicle. In a desperate attempt to evade capture, the driver deliberately steered the car into a nearby 7-Eleven. Thankfully, both a clerk and a customer inside the store emerged unscathed from this harrowing ordeal.

sheriff at 7-eleven

With the suspects cornered, deputies swiftly converged on the vehicle. However, the driver, later identified as 32-year-old Kyle Williamson, brazenly brandished a firearm at the officers, refusing to comply with their commands. Faced with this imminent threat, the brave deputies were left with no choice but to open fire, striking Williamson multiple times.

suspect shooting at cops

He was subsequently transported to a local hospital, where he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The female passenger, Hannah Woolard, 37, was apprehended without sustaining any injuries.

tow suspects in custody

In a remarkable twist of fate, Kaddie Rima and her sister-in-law Carly Rima happened to be in the vicinity and noticed a dog named Major sitting behind the convenience store near some railroad tracks. Acting swiftly, they managed to coax the dog into their vehicle and promptly took him to a local veterinarian. The veterinarian was able to scan Major's microchip, leading to his joyful reunion with his owner in Thornton, where the police pursuit had originated.

a stolen dog reunites with its owner in Colorado

Carly Rima expressed her astonishment at the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Major's return, stating, "For his owner's sake, she could never have imagined that this is how she would be reunited with her beloved pet. Major had endured both an accident and a shooting," she revealed. Major had been reported missing since March, and Carly Rima shared on a GoFundMe page that the dog's readjustment costs were being raised through the platform. She explained, "This affectionate French mastiff mix was stolen in March by the very person she trusted to care for him while she was away.

a stolen dog

He vanished without a trace, as the individual blocked her calls and relocated, leaving her without any sight of Major. She has been fervently hoping and praying for him to be taken to a veterinarian, where they would discover that the dog had been reported stolen through his microchip. Carly Rima further added that Major's owner had personally bottle-fed him since he was a puppy.

a stolen dog

In her post, Rima identified the male suspect, as confirmed by the police, as the individual responsible for stealing Major from his rightful owner.


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