No One Could Touch This "Very Aggressive" Shelter Dog Until One Woman Came Along

No one was able to handle an extremely aggressive shelter dog until a woman with abundant patience and a supply of chicken nuggets stepped in. The shelter staff had been struggling to manage the dog's behavior until a specialist in canine aggression and fear from Wolf Mother K9 arrived. In a viral video, the dog can be seen initially attempting to bite the specialist whenever she approached its kennel.

a trainer feeding an aggressive dog

However, the specialist recognized these actions as cries for help rather than true aggression. She emphasized that these behavioral responses do not reflect the true nature of aggressive dogs, and it is crucial to uncover their genuine essence.

Renowned as the "chicken nugget trainer," this specialist began by simply sitting with the dog and offering food. Gradually, the dog started to approach the trainer, although it would quickly retreat back to its kennel. This behavior indicated that fear was the underlying issue the trainer needed to address, rather than standard aggression.

By the third day, the dog began venturing out a little more, even bringing toys to the trainer inside its kennel. It was evident that the dog now desired to form a bond with the trainer, and this connection quickly spread to others.

a dog jumping on its trainer

The dog now allows everyone to touch her, a remarkable transformation achieved through the establishment of a strong bond with the trainer. After a few weeks, the trainer and her partner were able to take the dog on walks.

A dog and its adopters

They even drove 800 miles to meet the dog's adopter, and upon arrival, they knew instantly that this was the perfect home for her. The dog now receives all the toys, love, and affection she needs to continue thriving and shining.


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