Emotional Video Shows Horse Comforting Owner Without Realizing Reason Why She's Crying


In the realm of human-animal interactions, it's not uncommon for horses to demonstrate remarkable emotional intelligence and empathy. Recent evidence of this phenomenon comes from a heartwarming story in which a horse provides comfort to its owner, even without understanding the underlying cause of her tears.

A horse consoling its owner

A woman has captured the hearts of millions online with a heartwarming video showcasing her horse's comforting gesture during her moment of despair. Little did the horse know, her tears were shed for him. The video, which went viral on October 8, was shared by @kims.pferdewahnsinn, a 22-year-old horse enthusiast. In the footage, she can be seen overwhelmed with emotion, her head buried in her hands, seeking solace within the confines of the stables.

While she may have longed for a human shoulder to lean on, it was her loyal companion, Scato, who came to her aid, gently nuzzling her as a display of affection. Unbeknownst to the horse, the woman's tears were a result of the devastating news that her parents had sold him. Despite this lack of awareness, Scato continued to provide solace and attempted to alleviate her anguish. Accompanying the video, @kims.pferdewahnsinn expressed the indescribable pain of losing a horse, a pain that words fail to capture.

A horse consoling its crying owner

While horses may not comprehend the intricacies of human emotions, their acute sensitivity to facial expressions, body language, and energy allows them to intuitively respond to their owners' distress. The act of shedding tears is universally regarded as a sign of sadness or pain, which prompts a sympathetic response in the equine companion.

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Since its sharing, this emotional clip has garnered over 6 million views and more than 906,000 likes on TikTok within a few days. Many social media users have expressed empathy for @kims.pferdewahnsinn's heartache during this vulnerable moment, while others have praised Scato for his unwavering support.

A woman and her pet horse

Following the heartfelt video's release on TikTok, @kims.pferdewahnsinn shared in an Instagram post that Scato had been sold primarily due to financial constraints. With the escalating cost of living and the family's ownership of other horses, they had to make the difficult decision to part ways with one. However, the poster reassured followers that Scato had been sold back to his previous owner, ensuring he remains in good hands and receives the care he deserves.

@kims.pferdewahnsinn Ein Pferd zu verlieren ist ein Schmerz, den man nicht in Worte fassen kann💔 Auf Insta findet ihr wieso, weshalb, warum || On Instagram I explained the reasons - IG: kims.pferdewahnsinn #machsgutgroßer #pferdverkauft #heartbroken #equestrian #equestrianlife #equestriangirl #horseloose #dufehlstmir #horseriding #criying #seelenpferd #reiterverstehenes #herzschmerz ♬ Sad and lonely - MoppySound

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