Senior Fat Cat Will Only Get Healthy At Her Own Pace


Smudge, an 18-year-old rescue cat, is undeniably enormous. Despite her parents' love for her chubby figure, they recognize the need for her to shed a few pounds for better health. However, Smudge's idea of fun involves snuggling under a blanket and having meals served to her, which isn't conducive to weight loss. Consequently, her parents had to employ innovative methods to address the issue.

They would strategically place Smudge at one end of their yard, forcing her to walk back inside if she wanted to return. Slowly but surely, Smudge crawled inch by inch, taking breaks to enjoy the sun. Despite being an 18-year-old chubby cat, her parents marveled at her speed. This heartwarming progress was shared on TikTok.

A fat cat exercising

As time passed, Smudge became more active. She now takes longer walks, albeit at a slow pace. However, if the weather conditions aren't ideal, Smudge refuses to continue. According to her parents, Smudge often decides to stop exercising just 2 meters from their front door, regardless of the walk's length.

When it rains, Queen Smudge's parents accompany her, holding an umbrella above her head. Only she remains dry, as there is only one umbrella. However, if they want her to exercise, that's the agreement.

A man holding an umbrella for his cat

People on TikTok are captivated by Smudge, a feline sensation, and her unique movement routine. Despite her disinterest in exercise, Smudge remains determined and gives her best effort. Her unwavering determination has won the hearts of many, making her a beloved figure on the platform.

Smudge has made progress in shedding some weight. Despite the challenges, she remains dedicated to her health journey and enjoys her delightful daily walks. Her commitment to her well-being is commendable.

Obesity in cats can be caused by a combination of factors, including overfeeding, lack of exercise, and genetic predisposition. Feeding high-calorie diets and giving too many treats can also contribute. As a cat owner, you need to monitor your pet's weight, provide a balanced diet, and engage it in regular physical activity to prevent obesity-related health issues.

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