Sarah Jessica Parker Adopts a New Cat and More Star Snaps

Sarah Jessica Parker and her cat

In August 2023, actress Sarah Jessica Parker took to Instagram to share a delightful piece of news with her followers. She joyfully announced the adoption of a feline companion who had previously graced the screens as Carrie Bradshaw's beloved cat in season 2 of the renowned series "And Just Like That." This charming creature, known behind the scenes as Lotus, has now found a loving home with the talented actress. In addition to this delightful news, I present you with a captivating array of exclusive snapshots featuring various stars.

Kate Beckinsale Flaunts a New Tattoo of Her Late Cat

Kate Beckinsale Flaunts a New Tattoo in honour of Her Late Cat

Tattoo of a cat's face

Kate Beckinsale recently shared her latest tattoo on Instagram, unveiling a heartfelt design that pays tribute to her beloved cat, Clive, who sadly passed away in June of this year. Positioned just below her right shoulder, the tattoo showcases a striking depiction of Clive's eyes, adorned with delicate tufts of fur. This exquisite artwork was masterfully crafted by the renowned celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, who previously immortalized Clive's face on Beckinsale's arm back in August.

Justin and Hailey Bieber With Their Adorable Dogs

Justin and Hailey Bieber With Their Adorable Dogs

Hailey Bieber is the proud owner of a delightful Maltese Terrier named Oscar. Recently, both Hailey and Justin Bieber joyfully introduced a new addition to their furry family, a charming little puppy named Piggy Lou. This adorable sister for Oscar joined their loving household in November 2022.

Amanda Seyfried Poses With Her Dog, Finn

Amanda Seyfried Poses With Her Dog, Finn

Introducing Finn, the beloved canine companion of Amanda Seyfried. Finn, an Australian Shepherd, has captured the hearts of millions through Amanda's Instagram account. With his undeniable charm and irresistible nature, he has become a driving force behind her extensive following.

This adorable and affectionate pup has graced the pages of countless magazines, surpassing even Amanda's own movie appearances in terms of popularity. Whether you are seeking endearing snapshots, have a soft spot for Australian Shepherds, or simply crave delightful dog content to fuel your own meme creations, a visit to Amanda Seyfried and Finn's Instagram is an absolute must.

Hilary Duff Takes a Selfie With Her Dog

Hilary Duff Takes a Selfie With Her Dog


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