Cute Video Shows Crow Nudging Hedgehog Standing in The Middle of The Road To Bring it To Safety


A heartwarming video captures a crow's remarkable act of kindness towards a hedgehog in a perilous situation. The crow carefully nudges the hedgehog, standing in the middle of the road, towards safety.

A crow helping a hedgehog cross the road

Some municipalities have implemented measures to protect wildlife, but roadways remain hazardous for animals. Several cities have constructed wildlife overpasses and installed animal crossing signs. However, the safety of critters is still uncertain. Surprisingly, a video posted on Reddit captures a clever crow gently guiding a hedgehog away from danger on the road, demonstrating animals' concern for their fellow creatures.

In the viral video, a driver appears to halt to ensure the safe passage of some unexpected road-crossers. However, this encounter does not unfold as seamlessly as anticipated for this peculiar duo. The observant crow, perceiving the approaching vehicle, initiates a series of pecks at the hedgehog with its beak. Perplexed, the hedgehog takes a few steps before instinctively curling up, oblivious to the perilous situation it remains in. Undeterred, the persistent crow positions itself behind the hedgehog and gently prods it until it reaches the curb.

Although this action may appear endearing, some internet users question the nobility of the crow's actions. It is possible that the crow was merely seeking a snack, disregarding the potential danger of their shared location, as hedgehogs often harbor ticks and parasites on their spines. Conversely, crows are renowned for their high intelligence and may have developed an awareness of the perils posed by roads. Additionally, these birds are known to exhibit friendliness towards other species, suggesting a genuine concern for their neighbors.

Regrettably, we may never ascertain the true nature of the interaction between these two creatures. Nevertheless, it is not unreasonable to entertain the notion that the crow was indeed safeguarding the hedgehog, resulting in a favorable outcome. This incident serves as a reminder that until our urban planners consider the local fauna, the responsibility for peaceful and safe road crossings falls upon both motorists and the animals themselves.


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